An Open Letter to Israeli People

It has been said that the truth shall set you free. As a concerned American, I ask you to stop lying to yourselves and to the world. You have become slaves of your untruths and by telling what is factual, you shall be set free from your lies and your hate and from annihilating those who you consider not fit to live with you in a country not your own.

Stop shedding your crocodile tears while you simultaneously massacre the indigenous inhabitants of the land you occupy and while somehow in the process explain to the world that you are the victims of Palestinian violence. No matter how much you pretend to be the victim instead of the slaughterer, the statistics of the dead and injured tell the truth.

Can’t you see the blood of the innocents dripping from your hands and don’t you see that the foundations you erect on Palestinian skeletons will one day crumble?

You nourish your children on the ground bones of your Palestinian victims and teach them in your history books that Palestine was always Israel, but you know this is not true and you know that you have confiscated their land by force, through fear and by your practice of genocide and you know that Palestine is rightfully, historically, ethically, morally and religiously not yours but theirs.

You have taken all but 22% of the Palestinian land yet call yourselves generous when you offer to share with Palestinians this mere 22%. Yet you complain to the world that the Palestinians are ungrateful for all the concessions you have made though in reality, you know you have made none at all.

You call small brave children who hurl stones at your tanks, terrorists, but you are the professional terrorists as you bomb, tear gas and shoot to kill such children who dare to confront your atrocities. You shoot defenseless children with live bullets in their hearts, their heads, or their backs but at the same time cry to the world that the Palestinians are violent and do not want peace when you well know that you instigate their anger by your inhuman treatment of them and when at last they rise up unarmed and unafraid, you complain to the mass media as if you have a right to do this simply because you are Israelis.

You continue to replay what you call the Jewish Holocaust and let people cry for those of you who are long dead and gone. You use Hitler as an excuse for you to perpetrate a Palestinian Holocaust which has gone on for more than 52 years.. It was not Hitler who exterminated you, but you who are exterminating the innocents.

You want to ingather all the Jews in the world into Israel while at the same time, you outcast, exile, slay and silence the rightful owners of the land.

You build new shrines in honor of your long ago heroes, many of them guilty themselves of massacring Palestinians, while every moment of ever day, Palestinian heroes rise up out of the ashes and dare to struggle on for freedom.

You claim you are for peace, but on every Palestinian street corner, your soldiers stand loaded with weapons to shoot down any who dare to defy or even those who do not dare to defy you. You kill and hate the Palestinians simply because they were born Palestinian.

You shout anti-Semitism whenever you get a chance and use it as a weapon to gain more land that is not yours and kill more people who are not Jews, while you know that those you kill are purer Semites than yourselves.

To gain world sympathy, you claim the Arabs want to drive you into the sea when you well know that this is not true. All the Palestinians want is to live on their own land free from your tyranny and oppression and in peace. You know that the Arab leaders are selfish and impotent and you have them just where you want them.

Your settlers illegally poach on more and more Palestinian land and shoot Palestinian farmers as they till their fields and then your settlers make a killing party out of the deaths of more innocents. They uproot olive trees and bulldoze homes to further drive out the native inhabitants of the land you know is not yours.

You pride yourselves on being a post-industrial country but most of your technology is stolen from the Frankenstein who created you as his monster. You pretend you are civilized and advanced, yet you desecrate the meaning of what being civilized really is, for one who is civilized respects the dignity and integrity of others and appreciates the value and the sanctity of all life.

God created all men equal. No man is better than another and no child deserves to grow up free and happy while others are shot at and injured or slaughtered.

For once in your brutal and bloody history say the truth, acknowledge your wrongs which are too numerous to list and sit down with shame and regret in your hearts and make a true peace, one that is just, equitable and fair not just to you, but to all Palestinians as well.

As long as you lie, as long as you oppress, as long as you practice your inhumane treatment of the Palestinians, you will never really be happy and you certainly never will have peace. Stop crying wolf and be honest first with yourselves and then with the reset of the world. At present, you are the most oppressive people on earth. One day you shall pay the price for your oppression. God will not forget all your dark, dastardly and evil deeds. Repent and change before it is too late. Like Pontius Pilate, you will not be able to wash the indelible stains that bloody your hands and defile your hearts.

(The writer of this Open Letter has requested to remain anonymous)

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