An e-mail by a Saudi Citizen

Dear Americans,

In this e-mail, and in behalf of all the Saudi’s, Arabs and genuine Muslims, please accept my condolences and full sympathy for all what has happened to all the innocent children, women and men that have been killed and injured in the cowardly, bloody and inhuman terror act which has happened in New York and Washington.

We all are not sure who did and caused this catastrophe, where are they, what’s there names, what’s there religion (s) etc. But, we all know that who ever they are, where ever they are and whatever their beliefs are, they will always be looked at as inhuman creatures, and must be captured and be present in front of justice and have them punished as soon and as harsh as possible. I as a Muslim and as a human, will never accept such an act, against any human being, whatever his religion is and whatever his nationality is. I wouldn’t even accept this against animals too, and not only humans. No one on earth has the right to terrify and kill innocents. Not at all!

I’ve seen many Arabs and Muslims sympathizing with you guys, by putting flowers nearby the American embassies and consulates all around the globe, and this is one form of actions, people with human feelings would do. However, this should also remind all our American friends to do the same when they see and hear (if their media will show them) about the crimes that are happening against the Arabs and Muslims all over the world.

I’ve always wished to see an American friend putting a flower near an Arabic embassy sympathizing for the innocents that have been (for example) killed inside their shelter in Iraq 2 or 3 years ago by the American Jets (although Saddam was the main reason). Or hear and see the same for the innocent woman and children shelled in south Lebanon 2 years ago by the Israelis using American weapons….or even for the Palestinians and their daily victims and continuous torture. They are humans too! and they are exactly like you and me, want to live on their lands in peace, dignity and choose their own leaders.

The Arabic average person thinks that you (American people), do not care about other nations, and treat them like if they were strangers to earth. Even when you like or admire any of them, you look at them and analyze them like if you were analyzing lab mice! But since I’ve visited the States several times ago, and have many American friends every where, I’m sure that this is not what you feel and think. But your media have always hided the truth from you, and have mislead most of you to think otherwise. Therefore, the Americans (as people and not only government) should start showing other nations that they do care about them as if they were from the same country, and work towards showing them that justice is what the American people want too! In other words, you guys should “market” your opinions to all other nations (not only the Oil Nations), not through carriers, jets, missiles, malice diplomacy and commercial/profit oriented (politically driven) media. But, through your republican and human power.

I’ve always dreamed to live in a rich, free, educated, technically advanced and democratic atmosphere country like yours, but not with neglecting others. You guys still live on the same planet, and how great your power is, where ever & how big your country is and whatever point of view you have, you will still need to pay some attention to other nations point of views and live among them, in peace. Otherwise, you will have to live alone, and living alone is not only weird, but it’s against human nature too!

I wish you and all the honest people in your country the best life, with the most lovely and peaceful life ever and please remember that: other humans knows how to like & hate, feel pain & sorrow, feel sad & happy, cry & smile, and most importantly knows how to love too!