America’s Priority: Absolving Israel of Any Responsibility


Mohamed Khodr’s Column

Our government’s constant and blind support of Israel for the last 53 years has been a dark stain on our domestic and international history. Due to that support, Israel was given the green light to launch wars, commit massacres and atrocities with our tax funded weapons, defy 60 UN Resolutions that demand it withdraws from occupied territories, cease its military invasions, end its occupation of an entire Palestinian population, refrain from building illegal settlements, stop abusing human rights and torture of prisoners.

In addition to American tax payer aid amounting to at least $150 Billion since 1949 to one of the world’s richest countries, the latest weapons and technology that Israel obtains legally and illegally, its total disregard for our laws that forbid sale of our technology to third world countries like China, its attack on our naval ship the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans and injuring 171, our country has cast about a third of all the vetoes in the UN Security Council since 1947 mainly protecting Israel from world condemnation for its rogue behavior.

If you want to locate Powell’s and Bush’s cojones look no further than the powerful intimidating Israeli lobby in Washington DC—AIPAC: The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee ( ).

Our country has been hijacked by a tiny Zionist nation in the Middle East that deems Jewish interests and blood above all else, even American interests and blood. If we want our country back and independent all of us must speak up and regain our government, our money, our prestige and moral credibility in the world. The question is: DO YOU CARE ENOUGH ABOUT AMERICA?

Write your Congressmen ( ), write the President, write the Honorable Secretary Colin Powell ([email protected]), and write your media telling them we’re sick of their one sided bias toward Israel above our own national interests. It makes no sense to allow Israel to defy international laws and norms to kill Arabs and Muslims who own 65% of the world’s oil and expect cheap gas for our SUV’s. Have courage friends and speak through your churches, synagogues, mosques, civic and veteran groups (our Congress funded with our dollars the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC but refused to fund a W.W.II Veteran Memorial–now that’s Jewish Chutzpah), colleges, or individually. Our work will provide Israel with its best chance for peace and security and regain for America its credibility, morality, and sense of justice. Now do you understand why we were kicked off the UN Human Rights Commission? While we criticize everyone else for abusing human rights we provide cover and disallow any criticism of Israel’s outrageous human rights abuses. 

God Bless America, my country ”tis of thee.


Open Letter to Colin Powell

The Honorable Secretary Colin Powell:

As an American citizen who witnessed first hand our myriad of illegal allegedly defensive weapons unleashed by the war criminal Sharon for months upon the innocent Lebanese and Palestinian civilians in Beirut I must ask you and President Bush if you’re priority is to protect America’s economic and political international interests or is to serve as Israel’s dream defense team absolving and accepting Israel’s lies and excuses whenever Palestinian or Arab civilians die by weapons Made in America.

Many in the entire world not just the 1.3 billion Muslims had hoped that you would have the “chutzpah” to perhaps provide a semblance of balance to Israel’s powerful lobby and friends that provide our Congress and Administration with the appropriate official policy talking points. If you’re aura, prestige, popularity and charisma is incapable of putting America first then what hope is there for peace in the Middle East. When Israel kills it’s “self defense against terrorism”; when Israel imprisons dozens of American citizens it’s “self defense against terrorism”, when Israel violates our laws, UN Resolutions, and international laws it’s “self defense against terrorism”, when Israel’s official policy is to torture civilians it’s “self defense against terrorism”, when it violates human rights and is condemned by every human rights organizations “it’s self defense against terrorism”, when it launches routine bombings and house demolitions against Lebanon and the Palestinians it’s “self defense against terrorism”, when it destroys Christian and Muslim houses of worship or bombs the birthplace of Christ it’s “self defense against terrorism”, when a Kach terrorist group comes to the US to raise money to kill Palestinians it’s “self defense against terrorism”, when Israel builds 200-300 nuclear bombs and 5 nuclear submarines from Germany (4 given freely) it’s “self defense against terrorism”.

Our government and cowardly media simply accepts Israel’s lies along with generous campaign contributions and lucrative book deals and high paid speeches for its patsies. But when a Palestinian legitimately resists Israel’s brutal occupation our President, you, and the opportunistic Congressmen like Lantos, Gilman, Schumer, Specter (author of “Passion of Truth); what a hypocrite) and a letter signed by 87 Senators and 209 Congressmen sent to President Bush (I’ve never seen so many of our honorable Congressmen sign such a letter on behalf of insurance for America’s millions of poor children) immediately are provided live coverage by our networks to lambaste “Palestinian violence, terrorism, against a civilized Jewish population who simply want to live in peace in their “settlements” paid for by us”.

Is it any wonder we were kicked out of the Human Rights Commission? Israel has always been our Achilles Heel and master of our foreign policy. This won’t change with your tenure but will change in time for various reasons least of which is the changing color and demographics of our country. Can you look into the future and see what may happen to this “special relationship”? Arabs are good as long as they give us cheap SUV oil and provide live targets for our latest technological weapons.

It’s not all your fault. Our media is the Israeli whipping stick much more dangerous than Eisenhower’s “military-industrial” national missile defense shield lobby.

Your star is fading, General, unlike your hero General George Marshall who went to his grave with honor for standing up to Chaim Weizman and Clark Clifford although he lost. Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice (Sharon’s distracting leggy woman) have Bush’s ear while you get to justify our policy of silence. You couldn’t even outright support the Mitchell report or the Jordanian-Egyptian peace proposal or even provide some comfort to the outraged Europeans.

Just think of the immense financial reward you’ll receive when you leave office from the generous Pro-Israeli Anti-American establishment, thus why should you stand up for principle, integrity, honor, human rights and America’s interests and jeopardize that wealth. The choice is so obvious, take the money, General and run. Let Eliot Abrams do your dirty work and absolve Israel from what the rest of the world knows is true–Israel is killing innocent Christians and Muslims and destroying their houses of worship. Have you seen pictures of hundreds of Palestinians forbidden from entering the Dome of the Rock on Fridays to pray and thus end up prostrating at the feet of Israel’s soldiers? Of course not, our TV networks are busy covering the latest sex scandals, dumbing our nation even more.

You may want to ask the Marines who are alive today because of my “muslim” blood why their barracks was bombed in Beirut in 1983. They will tell you the truth–it was Israel’s policy and influence on Reagan thanks to Begin and Sharon.

I understand you’re supportive of rewarding Israel with hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate the loss of its rockets, missiles, and bullets it lost in the hearts, eyes, and brains of Palestinian children. I support your American First logic that in essence alienates 1.3 billion Muslims plus millions of Christians and Jews to save the nuclear powered “besieged” 5 million Israel Jews.

God bless America, sorry I mean to say Israel.

Mohamed Khodr MD

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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