America’s New Foreign Policy


Since September 11th, there has been untold effort and emphasis placed on American security and intelligence capabilities. The resources needed to enhance America’s military ability are considered paramount, allegedly to its survival. American government committed itself so completely it finds itself once more having to make budgetary concessions to the new priority. America has spy planes flying around the world armed with cameras and missiles to spot and kill on sight anyone, (trials could be embarrassing) with whom it has issues of contention but America must enhance and improve its ability to defend itself. Somewhere, there may be a man capable of destroying our country.

There is. He lives in the White House. “If you are not with us, you are against us,” he proclaims. The man, who originally made that statement famous, lived in Russia in 1917, Vladimir Ilyitch Lenin. ‘If you don’t support us, we will beat you up,’ and the ‘War on Terrorism’ is going to be a long one, and likely spread around the world, into the ‘Axis of Evil’, Iraq, Iran and North Korea, (then there are Libya, Syria, China and Russia). But the ‘War on Terrorism’ will spread into all countries where there are ‘terrorists’, all countries in the world. Vladimir Ilyitch would most certainly approve.

The United States is requiring that all countries to hunt down individuals within their borders who are unfriendly to the United States � ‘terrorists’. Many countries are complying. No one likes individuals who are unfriendly to freedom, liberty and justice for all � to America. It seems likely Palestinians especially don’t like them, but we are confusing the labels. Palestinians are ‘terrorists’. Israel told us about that long ago. So we should hunt down Palestinians, but that would be simplistic, we will hunt down Palestinians who fight Israel. That’s how we will insure that we get the right ‘terrorists’.

So we arrive at the real issue. ‘Terrorists’ are those who are identified by Israel. It is the American relationship with Israel, which determines America’s response to some people who, although fighting for freedom and justice, have committed acts of violence. In fact the American characteristics of freedom and justice really do not signify nor do the ‘terrorists’ attempts to pursue them. Israel’s designation determines America’s actions or reactions. America won’t allow any acts of violence anywhere in the world, in any country, against itself or Israel. America must increase its military effectiveness to insure that this doesn’t happen, it’s for American security. President Bush has a message for any who don’t support this ‘War on Terrorism’ in their country. “If you are not with us, you are against us,” he said. ‘If you don’t support our actions, we will beat you up,’ and we must see to it we can do that.

As long as we can, who will argue with ‘America’s New Foreign Policy’?