America’s Inherent Problem

The solution to America’s problem lies not with extraditing the W.T.C. attackers, or injuring or killing the W.T.C. attackers, or bombing the countries that harbor the attackers. The solution lies with cutting through the rhetoric of “freedom”, “democracy”, “terrorist”, “evil”, “good”, “chosen people”, and “science as the source of truth”, and facing the inherent nature of the U.S. capitalist system which is bent on exploiting, whether through market, law, or military, the existence of others.

It is only by fundamentally changing the U.S. system to one that respects the religious, cultural, and societal diversity of the world that the U.S. people will find peace with themselves and the world.

For critics to respond that the U.S. system respects the world’s diversity as illustrated by its multicultural, ignores that the fundamental basis for the U.S. system is not multiculturalism, but capitalism which every U.S. citizen must adhere to, and that capitalism is incompatible, in terms of expanding markets, with limited or closed market systems or even itself. The fundamental drive of capitalism, regardless of its benefits, is consumption via exploitation in a self-destructive direction, and that is why in my view, the W.T.C. attackers assuming they are defenders of the Muslim way of life, struck back at the U.S. system.

Mr. Stephen Garvey is a philosopher and writer, and publisher for Inexpressible Publications who resides in Canada.