America’s Future: Endless Enemies, Endless Debt

America is going to hell! After WWII, it began to be slowly taken over by wily intriguers, wearing pin stripe suits. These grasping men (some were women, too) have been using primarily our federal government, the U.S. Congress, the CIA, NSA, the IMF, the mass media, corporations, banking facilities and our foreign policy, to make us more foes around the globe, while serving their own greedy ends. In the process, these schemers have grown extremely powerful at the expense of the Republic. They rarely choose to hold any office and prefer to operate from behind the scenes. I call them, “The Wire Pullers” (See Jonathan Kwitny’s “Endless Enemies” for some examples of how this exploitation works.)

I suspect, but I can’t prove, that a cabal within the “Wire Pullers” clique ordered the hit on President John F. Kennedy. They were probably also involved in killing his brother Robert, and civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. Part of their satanic plot involves dividing the country and splintering the people into balkanized, easier to dominate factions (Check out Dr. John Coleman’s “Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300” for more details on these shadowy connivers.)

After the horrific 9/11 tragedy, the “Wire Pullers” began shredding the Bill of Rights. The U.S. Congress then quickly passed the “USA Patriot Act” in the middle of the night, without a public hearing. Later, the draconian “Homeland Security Law” was enacted. And, on March 20, 2003, the Bush-Cheney Gang started, without any just cause, the war with Iraq.

Important questions concerning 9/11 are still being raised. One revolves around the five Israelis, who were caught over in New Jersey, in Liberty State Park, “celebrating, jumping up and down,” as the burning twin towers were collapsing (“Bergen Record” (09/12/01). They were acting like they knew exactly when the attack was going down! Even stranger, without conducting a full investigation, these smirking jackasses were permitted by the Feds to go back to Israel.

As for the national economy, many of our manufacturing giants are long gone, while others have moved overseas. Some are “out sourcing” much of their work. This means that components of their products are made in a “Third World” country. At that location, U.S. corporations don’t have to pay a living wage to workers or comply with any reasonable labor and environmental standards. Meanwhile, the U.S. trade deficit, (think NAFTA, GATT, etc.) is at $415 billion ( and soaring.

At one time, the U.S. had a thriving economy that was the envy of the world. It also had a proud middle class. Today, compliments of the “Free Trade” policy, the filthy rich have become even richer, while just about everyone else has to work longer hours, at less pay and at more menial jobs, with fewer benefits, too, just to keep their heads above water.

An unconscious puppet for “The Wire Pullers” is President George W. Bush, Jr. He’s a dangerous dude, who has embraced a super-hawkish persona. Some of his tough guy posing might have to do with his cowardly decision to head out to a Kansas bunker after 9/11, rather than to return from Florida to Washington (James Bamford’s “Body of Secrets”). After he decided to invade Iraq, people began to pay more attention to his svengalis, the “Neocons.” Bush claimed Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, but that was a big lie. Now, he’s making noise, like he wants to invade Iran or maybe Syria. On Thanksgiving Day, in a cynical political act, he visited the troops in Iraq, but not any of Iraq’s towns or cities that he had ordered bombed back to the Stone Age.

As for the Congress, it’s an expensive whorehouse! It is for sale to the highest bidder. You can count the true patriots on Capitol Hill with one hand. It likes to put on a show. It will stay up all night debating, with the C Span cameras rolling, whether John Doe would make a good federal judge or not. Then, when a Bill is put in, like the “USA Patriot Act” was, that posed a substantial threat to our civil liberties, Congress didn’t have the decency to even warn the public, who pays their salaries, about its lethal provisions. Skunk is too charitable a word to describe some of its more venal members.

Then, there is the mass media. It is truly pathetic and mostly controlled. What it puts out reflects the harmful influence of “The Wire Pullers.” For example, pop star, Michael Jackson, recently got into trouble. His case has already received more publicity than Hurricane Isabel! Meanwhile, the casualty count from our military’s involvement in Iraq continues to climb, along with the cost. Over 43% of the annual federal budget presently goes for warmongering. The deficit for this year is $531 billion, but if one factors in the Social Security surplus that they are surreptitiously using, it would be $630 billion (“NYT,” (11/23/03).

Talking about debt, the nation is in hock for $6.9 trillion ( The interest payment alone on that staggering total is about $330 billion a year. The international bankers are having a feeding frenzy on us. On top of all that, the Euro is now selling at $1.20 against the dollar (“AP,” 11/29/03). All of the above is just some of the terrible price we are paying for permitting our Republic to be taken over by the predatory “Wire Pullers.” I’m afraid, too, that what recently happened in Miami at the anti-FTAA demonstrations is an ugly example of the state sponsored violence that may be in our future.

“The Wire Pullers” have created for us endless enemies and endless debt. Americans rightly get upset when some nut case burns the flag. When are they ever going to react to ruthless opportunists dragging their Republic through the mud?