American missile ambition

When there were two super powers é USSR and USA. America was busy to contain his adversaries through the strategic arms limitation talks, which extended to a long period, in the mean time the American machinations and struggle for supremacy went on, so much so, that Soviets left the path of communism and were lured into empire building. Americans were too ready to sell their arms to them till USSR could not see the political strategy and were finally dismembered. Their warheads were distributed to the states where they were located and Russia became a second class power.

Power not only corrupts, but also it goes to the head of wielders, and in their intoxication of power, their own territory starts looking to be too small a place to work and then they spread their tentacles to bring in more nations and more countries under their suzerainty and sphere of influence.

Regionalism is taking routes. Africa is heading towards forming an all African Union, Europe has united into European Union, Islamic countries have their Organization of Islamic Countries, Middle East is one sphere where America pines to have a much greater control than what they have now, the reason is simple, the Middle East has got the largest deposits of oil. This was one of the reasons for which the dagger of Israel was thrust into the hearts of Arabs in 1948. The nuclear energy was supposed to be the monopoly of USA and now even third world countries have got the potential to produce atom bomb, the dreaded arsenal. The world has become too small and the distances are not that far as it use to be during the Second World War.

The intoxication of power, the resources at their command has led the President of United States to rescind all the treaties and arms limitation talks and embark upon a new American Multi-layered missiles defense system whereby they could destroy any attack on America from anywhere in the world. In order to establish their sphere of influence in the largest continent of the world é Asia. America had to start the bogey of irresponsible neighbor of India and have offered the Indians the protection of their Defense Missile System against any attack on India from anywhere in the world. They have not named China and Pakistan but the reference is obvious, Americans have now found new allies, the King of Iran, the last policeman of Americans in Asia is no more. Now it is for the Indians to decide whether to catch the deceitful hands of America or develop their own defense machinery with their own resources or look for help every time if there is a possible threat from the imaginary foe / foes, this is how the American diplomacy runs, it is always pragmatic and can change any time any day at their own sweet will not caring for the fate of their ally.

All this is being done at the time when the Chinese Prime Minister is visiting Pakistan, now is the time for Pakistan to rise to the occasion and clasp our immediate neighbor in a sincere embrace and try to understand them. Let us not play a conduit for the West to probe into the Chinese Affairs, this is most insincere and uncalled for, let Pakistan be the first country of the world to give a new direction to its foreign policy from pragmatism to sincerity. The Chinese Prime Minister has made tremendous sincere offers, which Pakistan should immediately cash and bridge whatever gulf it may be between Beijing and Islamabad.

General Musharraf has very categorically said that he will oppose American defense missile system, the nation hails him for this but at the same time the nation would also like to know, How? Let this declaration of the General not be a hollow rhetoric.

Pakistan is being dubbed as a rogue state simply because it does not toe the line of the Americans and has not gone head over heals to get Osama bin Laden to Americans, so much so, that the American assessment is that Afghanistan and Pakistan are brother states or practically they are the two sides of the same coin. That being so, I would like to suggest in these columns that let us unite and be one, for that matter it would be in the fitness of things of all the countries who believe in Allah and his Prophet to unite as one country, one nation and one army, right from Ankara in the north to Jakarta in the south é Aik hoon muslim Harram ki pasbani kayliye, Nile kay Sahil sey laker Taa baa Khake Kashgher.

When Shahenshah of Iran was celebrating his 2500 years anniversary of Zoroastrian dynasty, Bertrand Russell, the great British Philosopher observed that the amount spent on this wasteful celebrations for self projection could feed millions and millions of people of two square meals, this is what now the United States of America is doing, they are out to spend hundreds of billion dollars mainly for self projection in building American defense missile system against an imaginary foe, this is nothing but an attempt to become the rulers of one world government the idea which was first mooted in 1933 by Mr. Wendell Wilkie an ardent leader of the world Zionists.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.