America will regret enthusiasm for preemptive wars

George Bush and his myopic administration, plus many in the Congress and in the American public seem to think that preemptive wars will be the solution to America’s problems in this world. They seem to think that preemptive wars can only be engaged in by America in order to remove perceived "threats" to America’s hegemony in this world. They seem to believe that America’s military is almighty and invincible and that the American homeland is invulnerable at a strategic level.

But this sort of thinking is not only foolish, but it is almost guaranteed to produce tragedy, if not catastrophe for America. If America can launch a preemptive attack on any nation in the world, then any nation and ALL nations must view America as a real threat. And there are many nations, which can harm America in a very strategic manner with even a very limited preemptive attack of their own.

How many nations of this world have nuclear missiles and submarines? How hard would it be to launch a small nuclear missile or cruise missile at Wall Street in New York City? What effect would the total destruction of the New York Stock Exchange have on the American economy immediately and for the long term? What would it do for consumer confidence?

There are many such potential targets in America that could never be defended but easily destroyed by a determined enemy in a preemptive strike. And George W. Bush has been very busy and very effective in causing former friends and allies to think in terms of their own safety, survival and defense; no doubt in terms of their own preemptive strikes against America. We are talking about sovereign states, not rag tag terrorists, and we are entering an increasingly dangerous era of intense competition for all sorts of natural planetary resources, from water to petroleum to foodstuffs.

America is at its equivalent of Hubbert’s Peak in terms of economic and military power, with no place to go but down. Making the situation worse, America is alienating the entire world while threatening the world with its maniacal professed desire to maintain an unsustainable situation, and unsustainable way of life, an unsustainable economy, an unsustainable monetary system, and an unsustainable role in this world.

The prospects are bleak for America, and if America was smart, it would shed George W. Bush and his entire administration like a bad dream, put them in prison for the world to see, and sue for peace. Nuclear war is a real and increasing threat. The situation could end up in the demise of the human race very easily. The key is the American people. Will they wake up and get a dose of reality, or will they allow the maniacs to bring the house of cards down?