America denies freedom and democracy to its own people

Reports in the news from various high officials of the American government imply that a terrorist attack against America, perhaps on election day or just before, could cause complete cancellation of the forthcoming presidential elections and the establishment of martial law in America. But a rational mind must wonder– if freedom and democracy are so important (as important to the American government as they are to the American people), why would the American government even consider the suspension of democracy and freedom under those circumstances?

Would not the suspension of American freedom and democratic processes actually be worse than the terrorist acts themselves. Would not the establishment of a totalitarian, fascist American state be an overreaction or perhaps a more sinister manipulation of the American public than any foreign attack?

There is no terrorist group or even foreign military force that could invade the United States of America and subdue this nation by force of arms. There is no military force on the face of the earth that could deny democracy and freedom to the American people, except the American government itself. The American government says it does not negotiate with terrorists, but the suspension of democratic processes during a so-called "national emergency" would be undeniably worse than any act that terrorists could perform against American interests.

It is said that hundreds of thousands to millions of American soldiers have died over the years, in foreign lands, to protect and preserve American democracy and freedom. Even when millions of American soldiers were engaged in lethal combat during World War II, freedom and democracy were valued at home. Why would an attack by a terrorist force, even with substantial civilian casualties, be considered so significant that it brought about an end to democracy and freedom in America? Would such a move by the American government not actually dishonor the lives of the Americans thus taken by violent terrorism?

Any act of terrorism during an election campaign, including this year’s campaign, should never be considered as a reason to suspend freedom and democracy. Rather, any such attack should reinforce the precious quality of freedom from tyranny, including potential tyranny against the American people by a potential rogue American government.

If the presidential vote was considered "threatened" by a terrorist act on election day — there is no reason the election could not be postponed, or possibly even extended over a two-week period of voting. In fact, extending the process of presidential voting over a week or two might actually benefit democracy by providing extended opportunities to vote, and might actually bring about a much higher percentage of participation of voting by the American public.

No terrorist act should ever be used as an excuse to interfere with freedom and democracy in America. Any attempt by the American government to suspend freedom, democracy, or the U.S. Constitution after any act of terrorism should be viewed as disloyalty by that government against the Constitution and the American people. All American officials swear under oath to defend the American constitution, and no national emergency should ever be used as an excuse to turn America into a fascist or totalitarian state. Any attempt to do so by public officials should void their own legitimacy as elected officials of the American people.