America and Israel: You and Me against the World

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“You and Me Against the World” is the title of a wonderful romantic song by Gladys Knight and the Pips that I enjoyed immensely. Its a song of a love so strong that it can withstand all the worlds pressures and disapprovals. America, my country tis of thee, and Israels faux paux love affair have ruined the song for me.

Tragically, now when I hear this song it only conjures up images of hate, oppression, lies, weapons, hypocrisy, double standards, political intimidation, cowardice, the buying and selling of values, morals, and principles; a corrupt media, a nave people being taken advantage of, and worst of all, the “ethnic cleansing” of a people from their land and homes by an “ethnic race” cleansed of all responsibility for the deliberate murder of Christian and Muslim children in the Holy Land, the land of Palestine.

The history of the “special” relationship between Israel and America has been extensively documented by many historians and scholars, including Israeli and American Jewish scholars. Unfortunately, for the west and especially for us, Americans, these books are deliberately kept out of our bookstores and libraries for politically kosher reasons. Its the same old story of the powerful American Jewish lobby ensuring that very little if any truth or criticism of Israel is ever publicized. Hell hath no fury like “Israel” scorned.

Given Americas downsized attention span and its lack of desire to be enlightened beyond whats easily spoon fed by our media, Ill try to simplify how this detrimental “special” relationship between a country of 4 million Jews, Israel, and America began and how this binary relationship defies the rest of the worlds sense of peace and justice. You see, for centuries Christian Europe had a problem. A problem prejudicially called “The Jewish Problem”. Christians didnt like the exclusivity of Jews, their lack of assimilation and withdrawal into their religious and social world, their strange language and customs, and of course theres that “Christ Killers” charge. So they persecuted and killed the Jews over time culminating in the horrors of the Holocaust. Escaping Jews found peace, freedom, respect, and sanctuary in the–ready for this America–“Islamic” world. There they prospered like never before in all fields to the point that the famous Jewish physician theologian philosopher Moses Maimonedes was the personal physician to Saladin. Europe had only one way to deal with its people “problems”kill them or export them. Thus Europeans formulated the idea of “Zionism” later adopted and developed by Theodore Herzl as a political ideology to export the Jews to Palestine. Although Zionism was adopted by European secular Jews, the majority of the worlds Jewry especially Orthodox Jews rejected Zionism on political and religious grounds.

Thus after World I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, England and France divided “their” Middle East into crude countries and borders. Palestine was taken by England to counter French influence. Under Jewish pressure and Englands desire to curry favor with American Jews to draw America into the war, Lord Balfour, Englands Foreign Minister, wrote a letter of 68 words to a rich Jew, Lord Rothschild, supporting the establishment of “a” Jewish homeland in Palestine as long as the Non-Jews were taken care of. After WWII, America became the dominant western power. In addition, the Holocaust cemented into the psyche of every westerner the horrors of Jews being murdered. The world was motivated to finally settle these Jews in Palestine. Harry Truman, to curry favor with New Yorks Jews in his election (a pattern followed since then, lately by the newest Islamophobe Hilary Clinton) pressured the U.N. to adopt a resolution approving the Balfour Declaration and a plan to partition Palestine into two states for the Jews and Palestinians. The Jews to this day are shocked at why the Palestinians didnt simply agree to the idea of partition which could have settled the matter peacefully forever. Heres JEWISH logic for you—Palestinians should have accepted that foreign powers thousands of miles away because of two pieces of paper and their own domestic politics give Jews the right to take 56% of your home (actually the best part of the house) for a small population while Palestinians who own the house get to keep 44% of the home (the worst part) for a larger population. Obviously, if Palestinians only accepted that agreement we wouldnt be fighting today. But no, they refused. So the Jews take advantage of their stronger military and take more land, another 22 percent of the house. So now the Palestinians only live in 22% of their original land. Of course the world is angry at this injustice just after they gave Jews a land they never had. So the U.N. starts protesting and passing resolution after resolution saying you cant do that. But, you see Jews have an ace in the Security Council. Its Uncle Sam-uel. American Jews make sure that no President, no Congressman, no media, no Hollywood, no publishing company, in short no words ever leaks to the American people about the truth of how the Zionist Jews massacred the poor Palestinians, wiped 500 villages from the map, destroyed every mosque and church (yes, church, there are Palestinian Christians), and expelled 800,000 Palestinians on foot out of their homes into refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, and neighboring Arab countries. Instead lets make romantic movies about Jews, lets publish Exodus, lets begin the “Greatest Story Never Told Campaign to ensure Israel is right and good, Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims are bad. You see, we Americans like things simple and direct. Just tell me what to believe. From then on, the power of American Jews only grew and grew and they became bolder about their lies. Wait, the Jews are still greedy for the rest of the house. Thus, in 1967, they launch a preemptive war against the Palestinians (and Arabs) and now occupy the whole house100% of the Palestinian home. That ended any freedom, justice, peace, dignity, livelihood, freedom of movement, education, jobs, as well as any sense of a home or homeland for the Palestinians. Now all of Palestine is under Israels military control and occupation. The historical, geographic, and demographic hijacking, erasure and eradication of Palestine was complete.

No other historical precedent exists for a people and a land to be physically eradicated as a home for one race, to be totally transformed as a home for an invading race, except for Palestine. A total transformation accomplished with remarkable blitzkrieg under the sponsorship and support of “my countryland of liberty of thee I sing”. The United Nations Security Council drew a “line in the sand” adopting UN Resolutions 242, 338 demanding Israel withdraw its occupation from the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Of course this is Israel not Iraq. UN Resolutions are meaningless even it was introduced by the U.S.

Hence, dear America, you became the “sucker” for anything Jewish and Israeli. What began for America as an emotionally sympathetic adoption of Israel after the Holocaust has now become an overwhelming intimidating force that doesnt even allow our government, our media, nor we Americans the opportunity to think or question our policy toward Israel. Now no one dares say Israel is bad for killing babies with our weapons and taxes. Yes, our taxes. Every American has sent every Israeli over $22,000 since 1949 to the tune of $150 Billion. Can you use that money for your kids college tuition? In fact, were sending a very rich country, richer than most European countries and richer than most U.S. states about one third of all our foreign aid to the world. Thats like me sending Bill Gates welfare check every month. But do you think our cowardly Congress will ever stop this aid? Not in your life if they know whats good for them. Anyone whos dared question Israels aid only drives rich Jewish organizations to work to defeat them in the next electionLike Senators Fulbright and Percy. A lesson not lost on any of our politicians. What this means is that 5 million Jews in our country, less than two percent of our population, actually dictate and formulate our foreign policy and protect Israel at every turn. Forget the bunk that this is ANTI-SEMITISM (I am a Semite). This is American PATRIOTISM and standing up for our values of freedom, self-determination, justice and human rights for all people; in this case the Palestinian people. While Israel for the last ten weeks has been killing Palestinian children daily, launching air and sea attacks on homes at night, destroying farm land and uprooting olive trees, starving them with closures, and even firing on ambulances (all of this is documented by every human rights organizations and the United Nations), Israel in our media and by our shameful politicians from Clinton, Albright, and Congress is portrayed as being “besieged” by stones and its very survival is in question. Thats also the usual BUNK. Israel is the fourth largest powerful army with nuclear weapons all of which they received or stole from us as well as sell to our enemies. Israeli LOGIC: we are the victims because their stones hurt our feelings while weve killed over 300 of them and wounded 13,000 while only 25 of us are dead. Please somebody, help them with a massive Prozac shower.

It never fails that whenever the United Nations General Assembly that includes almost all of the worlds nations takes up the Palestinian issue, the entire world votes to condemn Israel while the only two countries voting against these resolutions are you guessed—AMERICA AND ISRAEL. According to Israeli logic—the entire world is ANTISEMITIC and hates Israel. I wonder why the entire world hates Israel and by extension hates us?

Does that explain why the world is up in arms against us, killing our military and diplomatic personnel, committing terrorist acts, burn our flag, want to boycott our products, even want to go to war against usall because were DUMB enough and cowardly enough to succumb to Americas powerful Jewish lobby? Is this our country or what? American Jews enjoy unparalleled success in this country in all fields. You cant turn on a TV news program without seeing an American Jew “expert” speaking on Islam or on any subject. Are there no Muslims in this country, no Catholics, no Protestants, no African Americans, no Native Americans, no Cubans etc. to speak on topics impacting them? Our own Senate has 11 Jewish Senators without a single Black, Hispanic, or Muslim Senator. Maybe thats why our Congress is considered a rubber stamp body for Israels Knesset (parliament) by the world. Our newspapers should be renamed from the New York Times and Washington Post to the Tel Aviv Times and Post.

To be fair, there are many American Jews, European Jews, and Israeli Jews who understand the paradox of a country founded on the Holocaust and Judaism that has become a military killing machine of Palestinians civilians. Unfortunately, they are like you and me, intimidated or relegated to the sidelines unable to reach our media or politicians. Israel does NOT represent ALL Jews nor does it represent Judaism. Its simply an extension of European imperialism and expansionism selling itself as a “strategic friend and ally” to the west serving as the western “colony” in a hostile world first against Communism and now against the greater evil of “Islamic Fundamentalism”.

Whether we like it or not, my American friends, Israels song of “YOU AND ME AGAINST THE WORLD” lacks political, economic, or military sense. Israel is a liability to us in the Middle East and to the Islamic world. It truly is Americas Achilles Heel. It makes no sense that our priority should be with one nation of four million in lieu of relationships with 60 Islamic nations with 1.3 Billion people. We send Israel money while all those countries send us their money to purchase our products. Europe, Russia, China, and Japan are supportive of the Palestinians and doing good business with the Islamic world while we cant even ask Israel why it bombed and killed our sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967. Our Congress funds the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC while denying funds to our WWII Veteran Memorial. That is outrageous.

Israel is detrimental to our values, economy, sense of justice and national interest. We maybe drawn into a war we dont want nor need because of Israels military aggressions that we end up paying for and its unmatched influence on our government and institutions. Our sons and daughters are already dying in the Middle East because of Israel but many more will die if we dont act firmly with Israel and end this conflict based on peace for Israel and justice for the Palestinians as outlined by the UN Resolution 242 that America introduced in 1967 and that Israel has thumbed its nose at. If we dont, America wont have peace and security and our children will die and our economy will suffer. Clinton and his Jewish foreign policy team want to send Israel $480 Million in military emergency aid to replenish the bullets and rockets that tore Palestinians flesh.

Dont just sit there my friend, tell Congress what Rabin said in the White House in 1993ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. For me, Im mad as hell and I cant take this anymore. Can You?

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