Alert: There’s a Terrorist Behind Every Bush

With support from the U.N. and a massive turnout for peace marches – over 20 million world-wide – the movement to stop the US-UK attack on Iraq has gained great momentum.

I’m reminded of the swell of support for the liberation of Palestine, which gained ground as far as the United States, in response to the brutal crushing of the Al-Aqsa Intifada. That good-will was turned to bitterness by the smoke of September 11.

What are the odds some new calamity occurs now, to pull the trigger on the weapons of mass destruction trained on the defenseless population of Baghdad?

Some critics are already predicting the Bush regime will trump up a new terror threat to push through the Domestic Security Enhancement Act, sequel to the Alien and Sedition Act and the Patriot Act, which owed its passage to post 9/11 terror hysteria.

The most frightening prediction may come from weblogger Voxfux: that a dirty nuke will be set off in NYC and blamed on Islamic terrorists. All the scarier because of his track record: by analyzing public statements of people like Rumsfeld and Ashcroft, he correctly predicted that a Democratic Senator would be killed in a plane crash, a year before Wellstone’s mysterious demise. (He is currently a fugitive from the Secret Service, after posting a headline on his website that by the Bush regime’s rules of the game, Bush himself should be taken out, due to the close links between the Bush and bin Laden families.)

Do I really think the Bush regime would do something like that? Yes. They will do anything to carry out the war party’s plan of world conquest. I’ll let you know just who the Bush dynasty really are.

First let’s review background history. There is no record that any country has ever wanted war with America. Everybody wants America on their side. For each major U.S. foreign war, there is evidence it was provoked by America’s war party. Taking just the last century, we find:

1898, Spanish-American War. U.S.S. Maine sails to Havana Harbor to provoke an incident, sunk by an internal explosion.

1915, WWI. Passenger ship S.S. Lusitania, loaded with munitions and painted as a military transport, was deliberately sent by the Anglo-American psychological warfare command into the center of the German U-boat fleet, without escort.

1941, WWII. The attack on Pearl Harbor resulted from FDR’s elaborate plan to destabilize, provoke and lure Japan into war, as was revealed a half-century later in Day of Deceit.

1950, Korean War started after CIA asset Dulles counseled South Korea to provoke the North by a cross-border attack.

1964, Vietnam. Pentagon fabricates report of attack by North Vietnamese gunboats on U.S. Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin; Congress passes War Powers Act.

1990, Gulf War. Bush 41 gets war powers for his attack on Iraq using fake satellite photos and a fake atrocity story (the 312 incubator babies) – very much like the fake evidence served up by Colin Powell last week.

2001, War on Terror. Scores, maybe hundreds, of independent researchers [1] conclude the WTC attacks were a covert U.S.-supported operation to pave the way for wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

One of the best-documented historical incidences bears a great resemblance to 9/11. The 1962 Operation Northwoods dossier was a detailed Pentagon plan to hijack planes and bomb American landmarks, blame it on Cuba and then invade. JFK nixed the plan, which some believe led to his assassination by the war party. The file somehow escaped shredding and was recently declassified under the Freedom of Information Act.

Another infamous incident was the Reichstag fire, used by Hitler to consolidate his dictatorship. That bring us back to the Bushes. Adolf was a protégé of the Bushes and other American far-right capitalists, who helped finance his fledgling Nazi party. The circle included big names like Dupont, Ford, and Morgan [2], but Bush 43’s grandfather Prescott was the bagman – top Nazi in the USA, Hitler’s banker, and general manager of the biggest steel and weapons concern in the Third Reich, until he was indicted under the Trading with the Enemy Act in 1942. The Auschwitz death camp was built near his steelworks to supply slave labor, and the Bush family fortune comes from that blood money, reportedly still held in a blind trust. [3]

This astonishing but true tale opens the eyes to some strange views.

1. The Bush dynasty are war criminals, in fact, Holocaust war criminals, but this has been covered up by the media, the holocaust industry, and three generations of Democrat and Republican electoral contenders running against the Bushes for office.

Inescapable conclusion: America’s freedom of the press and two-party democracy are two fairy tales for young children. The truth is that we have effectively worse mass media censorship than the old Soviet Union – because our subtle “self-censorship” is more effective. It’s a cost of doing business, part of the texture of the corporatist state. As for America’s electoral system, it’s a farce and a charade, and it’s getting worse – the media have stopped doing exit polls since Bush 43 was selected.

2. The Reichstag fire trick sticks out as the only notorious foreign exhibit in this collection of perfidious conspiracies. We already know that Hitler got some of his ideas on genetics and Jews from America. [4] The Reichstag provocation, too, could well have been American fascist know-how imported to Germany – not unlikely by bagman Bush. When the world tried to keep the peace by appeasing Hitler, he used the Bush Co. pre-emptive strike doctrine to attack Poland. A violation of the laws of war, this doctrine was declared at Nuremberg to be a war crime. And the “War on Terror” is just as much a race war as Hitler’s was.

3. Yes, the Bushes are war criminals, and they’ll do anything if it gets them the war they want. Prescott’s father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, may have been the biggest war profiteer of WWI, supplying 70% of the Allies’ light arms through the Remington Co. It seems the scions are trying to match his record. Bush 41 is a director of Carlyle Group, a holding company that has shot from nowhere to become one of the biggest defense contractors around.

The Bush regime has been regularly fabricating terror alerts when and as needed to hype the hysteria to hush up a leak, or pass a bad law. It hasn’t been working on the French, perhaps because the best-selling book there was a 9/11 exposé, among all the other reasons. After the fact, American authorities have admitted that their “Al-Qaeda” informants “fabricated” their threat stories. Why would anyone in custody invent such tales – unless they were paid to?

If mere threats don’t work, our home-grown Nazi mafia will up the ante to real acts, so we should be very watchful. Examples could be some of the muffed terror attacks that were halted by vigilant peace officers post 9/11, like the attempted attack on a nuclear reactor, a naval base, and the Mexican Congress building [5].

What can we do to stop the next atrocity from the Bushes?

Be alert. Foreclose the Regime’s next terror move by loudly predicting it.

And call for the U.N. General Assembly to approve a peacekeeping action in Iraq. Once the blue helmets get to Baghdad, the war profiteers will have to seek other spoils.

The stakes could not be higher. We have been hijacked by a coalition of war profiteers and Armageddon-hungry “Rapture” fanatics lusting for the end of the world [6].


[1] E.g. listing at

[2] See the section “Guten Morgan, Mein Fuehrer” in my Lies Father, Lies Son, an update, .

[3] Heir to the Holocaust. Prescott Bush, 1.5 Million Dollars, and Auschwitz: How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust, by Toby Rogers.

[4] See The Nazi Hydra in Fascist America, by Glenn Yeadon.

[5]  Curiously, all suspects were Israelis, passing as Arabs, and were released without charges. See .

[6] A great archive on this disorder is at . American rapture addicts, numbering 70 million by some counts, crave personal immortality via an ascent into heaven in this body – following a Holy Land holocaust which will destroy the 2/3 of the Jews who do not come to Jesus the second time around. Believing the return of the Jews to Palestine is “prophecy,” these “Christian” Zionists are Israel’s staunchest supporters.

Mr. John-Paul Leonard is a free-lance writer and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).