Alawi, Bush and Sharon Promote Scorched-earth Policy in Iraq

Bush says, if you are not with US, you are against us, and Alawi concurs. If Iraqis in Fallujah and Samara and Najaf are not acquiescent of the US as the occupier and controller of Iraq’s wealth, then the U.S. is against these people and seeks to destroy them, their homes, their cities and their memory. Alawi, the handpicked puppet of the U.S. government supports the U.S. policy — after all, he would have no role in Iraq whatsoever and would not survive in Iraq for a day if not for the awesome power of the U.S. military. Ariel Sharon sits over in Tel Aviv, utilizing Israeli operatives on the ground in both Baghdad and Washington D.C. Sharon wants Israel to profit from the U.S. control of Iraqi wealth, and he wants Iraqi killed and Iraqi cities and institutions weakened and destroyed.

Many of the Iraqi people, perhaps a majority, would prefer freedom. Their idea of freedom is no longer freedom from Saddam Hussein, but freedom from George W. Bush and his collaborator and advisor, Ariel Sharon, and his puppet, Illad Alawi. Iraqis are willing to fight and are fighting for their freedom. And they are gradually winning. George W. Bush and his stooge Secretary of War, Donald Rumsfeld, thought they could enslave Iraqis on the cheap, and only sent 150,000 American troops, when America’s senior military leadership said that three times as many American forces were needed. Bush claims to receive his direction from God first, and Rumsfeld second, and so cannot reconsider his plan of action this far into the game. Yet, 150,000 American troops cannot hold Iraq, and many American military advisors and strategists believe America will be driven out of Iraq, perhaps within six months.

This sort of defeat would be humiliating for most world leaders. But not for George W. Bush, who has no capacity for humiliation. Bush will probably say it was God’s will that the U.S. withdraw and so he (Bush) will enact the "scorched-earth" policy that God revealed to him after God told him earlier not to rebuild Iraq after the massive destruction of infrastructure by U.S. bombs. Bush will believe that God told him to deploy depleted uranium to poison Iraq for the next 4.5 billion years so that Iraq will be less prone and less able to pose a future threat to America. Bush will say that God favors America and Israel above all nations of the world and that he is only a humble servant of God trying to do God’s will in the world the best he can.

In the short term, Bush will send his Crusading army into Fallujah to bomb the heathen and smite them once and for all time. It would not be a big surprise if Bush bombed Fallujah with atomic weapons, if he thought God wanted him to do so and he could get away with it.

The certainty of the correctness of his actions in his own mind is what makes George W. Bush the most frightening world leader in memory. There are no American ministers of Christianity openly questioning whether Bush is receiving accurate instructions from God or whether the God Bush claims to worship is in fact an imposter. There is no organized clergy in America calling for an end to pre-emptive wars. There is no organized clergy in America lamenting the horrible loss of innocent Iraqi lives or the wretched treatment of innocent detainees. There is no organized clergy in America calling for peace-making instead of warmongering.

In the short-term, the scorched earth policy of the Bush/Sharon/Alawi cabal will continue to damage Iraq. There is no compassion whatsoever. There is only hatred, driven by fear, enhanced by greed, and propelled by lies and avarice. Sadly, if Iraq did not sit astride so much petroleum wealth, this would not be happening. Perhaps petroleum is God’s curse on humanity, and the scorched earth is proof.