Al-Issa visits UK Parliament, Foreign Office and Defense Ministry

Al-Issa visits UK Parliament, Foreign Office and Defense Ministry

London (UNA-OIC) – During his visit to the United Kingdom to preside over the Conference of Leaders of the Muslim Community in Europe, in the presence of more than 300 religious leaders and jurists, the British Parliament held – in Westminster Palace in the capital, London – a reception for His Excellency the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, hosted by the Chairman of the Parliament’s Environment Committee, Mr. Stephen Thames.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office also hosted Sheikh Al-Issa at its headquarters in London, where he delivered a lecture in the presence of a number of political and diplomatic leaders, and a number of students of the Diplomatic Academy of the British Foreign Office, in addition to a group of young European influencers hosted by the UK Foreign Office, to participate in the discussions that followed the lecture.

Within the framework of Dr. Al-Issa’s visit to the United Kingdom, His Excellency accepted an official invitation to deliver a lecture at the Defense Academy of the United Kingdom, in the presence of a group of military commanders from the British army and international forces. 

The meetings of His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa dealt with the “Religions for Our Planet” initiative, which presents qualitative mechanisms and an unconventional Islamic vision to raise the level of international awareness with regard to the environmental protection and the confrontation of climate change. It is noteworthy that Dr. Al-Issa stressed the importance of the faith motive, and the role of religious values in strengthening man’s relationship with his surroundings, and his sense of the importance of protecting the planet in which humanity shares life as well as the necessity of preserving its resources and the blessings bestowed by the Creator, Glory be to Him. 

As an example of action taken by countries whose values are inspired by their firm principles and enlightened vision, His Excellency cited the “Middle East Green Initiative” and the “Saudi Green Initiative” related to reducing the carbon emissions, which were launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to designate the region’s approach in protecting earth and nature and in confronting climate change.

His Eminence’s lectures also dealt with a review of the most important methods of intellectual confrontation of the roots of extremist ideology, stressing the importance of the integration of roles to confront extremist forces, militarily and intellectually, and also by activating the role of family on one hand and the educational, media and dialogue platforms on the other. The lectures also emphasized the pivotal role of the efforts of Muslim scholars and imams in this confrontation, citing several models in this regard.

Dr. Al-Issa asserted, in his lectures and meetings, the importance of the role of common values in promoting communication and cooperation among civilizations in facing their confrontational theories, touching on the role of religious leaders in urging their followers to show communication, dialogue and positive openness to the other, in order to reach the required level of understanding and accordingly  achieve the great goal of strengthening the peace of our world and to attain harmony among its communities, citing and analyzing a number of models, a matter which was well received by all the attendees.

The lectures of His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa were followed by open dialogue sessions, which received great interaction from all the diverse attendees, while the organizers considered that His Excellency’s contributions represented an important intellectual subject matter that should be widely generalized.


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