Al-Issa delivers Islam representatives speech in international meeting for peace

Al-Issa delivers Islam representatives speech in international meeting for peace

Rome (UNA-OIC) – In the presence of more than 3,500 invitees, amid fears of dangerous global crises, threats of shifts in misunderstanding and the resulting hatred, hostility and wars, His Excellency Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (MWL) and head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, participated in the opening session of “Diversified International Meeting for Peace” as a representative of the efforts of Islamic diplomacy and contributions of Religious Leadership in Addressing contemporary Issues. Italian President, Mr. Sergio Mattarella, and French President, Emmanuel Macron, participated also in the meeting hosted by the Italian capital, Rome, with the support of the Vatican and the participation of the Pope, senior religious leaders, and representatives of peoples and cultures from all over the world.

Dr. Al-Issa has recently announced that the MWL would launch a global initiative themed “Strengthening Friendship and Cooperation among Nations and Peoples”, and as Co-Chair of “G-20 Interfaith Summit” he announced the establishment of the Forum entitled “Building Bridges between East and West for more understanding and peaceful world and more coexisting and harmonious communities”, under the chairmanship of the Communication Group of “G-20 Interfaith Summit”. He stressed that the forum, due to be launched, will be a part of the Communication Group of “G-20 Interfaith Summit”, which has recently been approved by the (G20) Presidency, to be a part of the “G-20 Interfaith Summit” Group. It will be also concerned with raising the most pressing contemporary issues in its areas of competence.

This international meeting will be held under the title “A Cry for Peace” and witness an extensive global press coverage and a large international presence focusing on the prominent religious, intellectual and communal leaders worldwide along with the two guests of honor of the conference, the Italian and French presidents. The “Meeting for Peace” includes fourteen discussion forums aimed at achieving integration among efforts in order to establish a stronger structure for dialogue and friendship among peoples and cultures. This structure also contributes to supporting the message of peace, and enhancing its impact in contemporary contexts, in light of multiple complicated threats.

Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, delivered the host country’s speech, in which he welcomed Secretary-General of the Muslim World League and head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa and the participants on the podium of the opening session from the religious leaders of the three religions. He confirmed that peace is an ongoing process as peace requires courage, determination, political will and individual commitment. He also stressed the key role of religions and their leaders in this process, adding: “It is correct that there is mutual respect among various religious communities and a for the dignity of every individual and every people; Religions are a part of the solution in terms of a more harmonious coexistence, emphasizing the principle of brotherhood, and the principle of solidarity that should inspire the whole world order.”

On his part, Dr. Al-Issa is delivered a speech in which he touched upon the common human ancestry and divine tribute. Allah the Almighty prefers humanity over all other creatures. Dr. Al-Issa stressed that the distinction, bestowed on humans by Allah, makes them morally obligated. His Excellency continued: “Our world today is dominated by ongoing conflict in which brothers with common and special commonalities, fight, and the voice of dialogue and wisdom should have attended effectively for the benefit of all.”

His Excellency stressed that the separation of the components of our today world “from each other” constitutes a vacuum area, from which negative thoughts and false interpretations arise, while the wise dialogues, sincere intentions, and sincere promises, with a measure of mutual tolerance prevent not only conflicts, but create trust, friendship, cooperation and sustainable peace as well. His Excellency continued: Religious faith is a belief, national belonging is an identity and a commitment, and building and preserving the land is a responsibility.

Dr. Al-Issa unveiled that the world has suffered from the repercussions of the attempt to manipulate religion and that humanity has witnessed terrible destruction and heinous attacks because of that. He added that “Throughout its long history, the world has suffered from the bitterness of the conflict among followers of some religions and civilizations, and from the deepening of divisions that ignored many commonalities as a means to guarantee the peace of the world and the harmony of its national communities. Religion is not a problem in its origin as some promote it, but the problem is in its understanding and application.

His Excellency considered that the use of religion is the worst form of exploitation, as liars speak in the name of the Allah and market this in front of their followers who do not know what the truth is because of the deception and lies. He called for the realization that human beings are different and diverse, and that this is the inevitable nature of life that has arisen by divine will. Accordingly, humans should know that the wise will of Allah the Almighty did not want them evil when it created the world diversified.

His Excellency said that the Muslim World League, headquartered in Makkah, has made a promise to respect everyone, serve humanity and raise awareness of the importance of controlling religious emotions and making them more enlightened and wiser. This stems from our belief that man has a seed of goodness that should remain alive in the conscience, and be energized outside by good deeds. At the conclusion, Dr. Al-Issa spoke by emphasizing that everyone wants world peace and there is no peace without internal peace and wise and brotherly understanding. In this way, the wise men will win over any breach of their common religious, national and humane values.

French President, Emmanuel Macron, said that challenges, Europe and many other regions face worldwide, prompt everyone to pose question the extent to which religions can do to reduce the consequences of current wars and prevent future wars. President Macron stressed that religions have a key role in spreading peace, as they are able to build the fabric of society and strengthen ties among individuals. These two things are very important. “Religions and their leaders can halt nonsense of our time and only religions can heal people’s conduct.

Then the representatives of the three religions delivered speeches and the Pope concluded the conference with a speech that touched upon its most important themes. It is worth noting that the conference was attended by all sects of the three religions and cultural and intellectual diversity around the world and His Excellency Secretary-General of the Muslim World League and head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Al-Issa, was chosen to deliver the speech of representatives of the Islamic religion.


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