After the referendum


In view of the looming world recession the government would be advised to take necessary measures regarding freedom of information, which should be a source for the intelligentsia to obtain the required data in order to be able to form a think tank on their own and advise the government from time to time and not work like a bureaucratic establishment as the National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB) appears to be working. Any myth of revolutionary reforms for a change coming out from the NRB axis will not translate into reality. Revival of Economy and transition to a transparent popular democratic political system without loot and plunder of resources of the country are very complex issues and the workable solutions are few in a nation whose thinking and constructive talents have been robbed by the neo-colonialists. To plan a change for betterment of the society at large, we must evolve a conducive atmosphere to integrate individual mind into collective mind, one thinking for the best of deprived and exploited nation, deceitful and conniving behavior and inherit contradictions do not help to build a nation out of the morass and political ruins.

The economic condition of the country is not enviable as being repeated in the rhetoric’s from the ruling elite. This is mostly due to the advise of the consultants imported from abroad on secondment who mainly operate for the benefit of their master back at their headquarters, rather than the requirements of our nation and the country. As a matter of fact under the head of salaries and perks they take away most of the aid received from IMF and IFI’s. It is reported that the democratic government in the year 1995 and 1996 repaid one billion dollars of the principal sum of foreign debt, while our present government has rescheduled these loans to another 30 years thus increasing the liability on Pakistan. Since this particular matter has been broadcast on ARY TV on 2nd May 2002, the government should come forward with an explanation for this step taken by them. It has also been stated in the same TV programme that Jordan and Egypt have got their loans written off during the Gulf War, while Pakistan has not been able to shed their burden of loans during American war against terrorism.

The Musalmans of the world as a nation are in disarray. Inspite of all the resolutions of the United Nation and the Human Right Commissions, genocide of Musalman continues in Palestine, Kashmir and India in a well-planned manner. To plan a force to reckon with we must plan and initiate awareness for systematic change from a neo-colonial suppressed culture for which you need to educate honest and sincere young Pakistanis who are not difficult to find. Holding a referendum under PCO is not a free choice of political will leading to general elections scheduled for October 2002. To foster greater national unity and consensus he has to devise solution oriented approach to introduce the required reforms in a revolutionary manner for which he should organize immediately a group of competent experts who are available in the country to plan a new political system and develop new political institutions based on Islamic values, and then hold elections under the new system é Presidential form of government and voting on proportional representation system of election and abide by its result.

In this scenario the General should come out with his agenda for constitutional changes, people are fed-up from the so-called parliamentary democracy and are waiting for a proactive visionary change for national welfare and not for self-rule. Time has come that Pakistan should re-assess its support for war against terrorism. Any Musalman who thinks terrorism emanates from Islam and sees Muslim as backward and creatures of darkness vis-é-vis modern scientific and technological advancement, is surely out of mind and out of touch with the real world affairs. In view of recent international political developments American policy summersault on Palestine, Kashmir and India is an eye opener. Osama Bin Laden and Taliban are the readily available myths, which are being used by the Western world and the Americans in particular, to check and stop the popular Islamic influence for a future state and opportunity is there for American strategists to control Pakistan to pave the way for Asian colonization. After all General Yahya Khan and Bhutto had surrendered to India to stay in power. Pakistani nation must be alert to think and realize where it is heading? In war against terrorism, issue of Kashmir has been jeopardized and its support against Indian atrocities and occupation of the main valley has been scaled down, which needs our first attention. It is time now that Pakistan should take a lead in bringing about help to the down trodden Muslims in these countries by building public opinion in their favour so that Israel and India should desist from this wanton killing of the Muslims to whom they have been allergic right from day one.

The nation is not satisfied with the working of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), what is required is a bureau of persons with impeccable honesty and devotion to duty to which every body right from the President of Pakistan down to the Naib Qasid should be answerable. If Caliph Omar can be questioned for 3 yards of extra cloth used on his attire, President of Pakistan is not higher then him. The General as the leader of Pakistan should take the leadership of Ummah to inculcate unity, faith and discipline in them.