Act Now, Pray Later

We destroyed a powerful secular regime in Iraq and replaced it with a powerless sectarian front, in order to create democracy and insure that we wouldn’t be attacked by terrorists with nuclear weapons. We have killed tens of thousands of Iraqis, reduced much of the nation to bloody chaos, and its people are very grateful for this. Of course.

The immigration debate is simply about whether illegal come here to loiter on street corners, crowd our schools and save up welfare checks until they can buy homes in Beverly Hills, or to assist poor capitalists and help a stressed middle class do its housework and care for its kids, all at minimal social cost absorbed by the upper class and only questioned by racists. Sure.

Israel is our most important ally, deserves billions in aid from American taxpayers, merits the absolute support of our government and media, and we should prepare to invade Iran to protect it from genocide. Without a doubt.

We demand free elections everywhere unless the winners don’t meet our approval, in which case they are labeled terrorists not ready for western civilization, and should be subjected to starvation, invasion or both. No question.

In truly supporting freedom of speech, people who dare to question subjects Judeo-Christian theocracy has ruled beyond criticism, like the holocaust, should be persecuted, and if necessary thrown into prison. Obviously.

Oh, and global warming is a myth created by puritans who want to end our affluent lifestyles and stop us from driving wherever we want. Like from our living rooms to our toilets. Right.

If you accept any of this, you should support our minority-ruling establishment, no matter how dangerously bizarre it may seem to a majority of the planet’s inhabitants. If you are part of that majority, you d better get moving before this maniacal mob destroys everything. Contrary to the dogma of marketing individualism, that will include you.

The inmates have not taken over our institutions, since they have always run them, but a particularly loony bunch is currently pushing humanity towards disaster. Those who create and pay for reality but exercise little control over it need to gain that control before it s too late.

If we’re truly driven by a survival instinct, we should understand that our demented leaders are a major problem for our future. Democracy is the long-term solution, but in the short term anything we can do to get rid of them will be instinctively positive.

There are encouraging signs of recognition that the world’s deadliest biological weapons are found between the ears of fanatic rulers in the USA and Israel. These religious fundamentalists are far more dangerous than any from other parts of the world, believing as they do in a leadership role for themselves which is sanctioned by deity.

A minority sect of Christians trust that they will survive a biblically bloody disaster that kills everyone on earth – except them – after which they will experience an eternity of intelligently designed rapture, while a minority cult of Jews believe they have been chosen by god to reign supreme over a world to stupid to understand their real estate divinity.

The power these two governing groups exercise over international political economic life is moving the world closer to unnatural disaster.

A global environment more menaced with each demented move by these regimes needs to be countered by a global movement of the un-chosen and un-raptured majority, to act on a major threat to the planet and all its people.

Resistance is growing, especially from emerging governments and popular movements that have shown open contempt for the neo-liberal model of market fundamentalism that threatens billions more of earth s inhabitants if it isn’t stopped. And the problems certainly do not simply exist outside the geographic confines of the U.S.

Our public debt has climbed by more than 660 billion dollars in the last year, to finance a particularly idiotic war, raise profits for international capital and lower taxes on national wealth. Gasoline is at three dollars a gallon and rising as we consume nearly 11 million gallons daily, further polluting our environment while endangering supplies with our meddling in the oil producing world. We continue increasing industrial layoffs and exporting decent paying jobs, while importing cheap labor, savaging our middle class and creating an inequality gap in our society comparable to a poor under developed nation. But our official opposition is doing something about this.

Are you serious?

With a president more isolated than ever, in a White House that has become a Mad House where he thinks outside the envelope while pushing the box, it passively waits for him to self-destruct or be impeached by his own party. Its opposition to the Iraq war is in the most muted, cautious tones, in keeping with its role as partner in crime in our political system. After the recent massive immigration rallies, the Democrats are probably contemplating how many Latino votes they can purchase with Israeli lobby dollars. It should be clear that our long-term problems will not be solved by any part of the present governing structure. Millions in Latin America have learned that, but we still need to move on from the crackpot realism and frightened caution of lesser evil politics.

The creation of actual democracy here at home is necessary before we can join the global movement to place humanity on a path for success rather than disaster. We can’t disparage supporters of present reality theory, as long as we don’t seriously oppose present reality practice. It’s time to bring our actions into balance with our beliefs, today, or we won’t have a prayer for tomorrow.