A Unique "Islamic Republic"

Only 33 % of taxes are collected in Pakistan by direct taxation , whereas 77 % are collected by indirect taxation on fuel,services,utility bills , so common man is bled white and condemned to depression,mental anguish and a choice of suicide or being a suicide bomber.

He has no choice in between killing himself , or someone else to survive or resorting to the most disgraceful and degrading human activities to merely survive.

Such is the tax evasion in this so-called Islamic republic, which is neither Islamic nor a republic, tax collection has fallen in last twenty years from 18 % to 9 % of GDP. This means that the rich have devised better or lets say more Islamic ways of tax evasion ! This is one of the lowest ratios in the world.

I spent some 16 years in various Pakistani libraries and ministries in research and was shocked to discover that in Pakistan some 2% of population owns some 80% of the wealth. If this is an Islamic Republic then I would be happier in a sweaper non-Islamic but more egalitarian pariah state.

A caretaker prime minister an ex-world bank man releases a multi-million USD advance for a project in mysterious circumstances and also writes in the summary that this project is not viable and should be cancelled .

The government of this so-called Islamic Republic is so corrupt that non development expenditure in the last 20 years has increased by 350%. All praise to Allah.

No less a person than the very latest Finance Minister of this so called Islamic Republic was forced to confess , Alhamdulillah the tax evaders would say “A corruption of 500 Billion Rupees in the Federal Bureau of Revenue ” per annum.

Afghan Transit trade is a major source of tax losses of this Islamic Republic and all anti smuggling forces in this so called Islamic State are controlled by the Pakistani army i.e Frontier Corps Balochistan, Frontier Corps NWFP,Coast Guards,Sindh Rangers,Punjab Rangers. All controlled by the army and only nominally under ministry of interior.The minister of interior cannot even post in or post out the lowest soldier or the lowest and junior most NCO.

The Foreign Minister of this unique Islamic Republic only controls foreign policy dealing with Botswana, Portugal, Finland, Britain and Hungary and some other while the major security policy dealing with USA, India and Afghanistan is controlled by the Pakistani military.

One of the swimming coaches of this Islamic Republic in 1990s did not know swimming.

Accountability is such that when the Indians without being detected by the high and mighty military or military intelligence of this great State some 35 miles inside , the local divisional commander was promoted to three star rank, the director of military intelligence was posted to a higher position , command of an armoured division and director of the ISI became a four star after some time.

Such is the coherence and unity of policy in this unique Islamic Republic that when its all powerful civilian prime minister was negotiating a land mark peace with India its social climber military chief was actually about to initiate an infiltration in Indian held Kargil.

Such is the love for Islam that Islam is discovered by this country’s elite only when US Dollars are required or the elite is under threat.

One may challenge anyone to discover where is Islam in this piece of land and where is the republic?