A Time for Bolton…

Many in the U.S. have questioned the nomination of John Bolton to be UN Ambassador for the U.S. For the Neocons, however, this is the time for Bolton.

(Those of you who think the U.S. invaded Iraq "for the oil", read no further. You obviously think it makes sense to pay more for crude oil than sperm-whale oil would cost, and that support of the Israeli state had nothing to do with the action.)

John Bolton has received the designation of "no nonsense" from JINSA (Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs)–this from a quasi-subversive organization that lobbies U.S. ranking military officers on behalf of pro-Israeli causes, such as Ahmed Chalabi and the invasion of Iraq. And this says it all. Bolton "made his bones" in 1991 by launching a major initiative against UN resolutions equating Zionism and racism. Of late, he has poured his efforts into the war with Iraq (stopping adequate UN arms inspections that might have stopped the agressive war) and promoting a strong front against Iran and Syria.

Once again, this is why it’s time for Bolton. Iran is obvious. The Israelis could launch an air attack at any time against that state’s nuclear installations. The plans have already reportedly been drawn up. Enter John Bolton to spike any meaningful U.N. retaliation or sanctions against Israel for such an action.

Then ther’s the more-complex situation with Syria. While the (allegedly) spontaneous "Cedar Revolution" was quick to call for a Syrian pullout from Lebanon, it said nothing about the continuing Israeli occupation of a corner of the country. (Strange how the Syrian presence prevented "free elections" but the Israeli presence did not!)

Only 50 UNTSO (UN Truce Supervision Organization) troops stand between the Israeli outposts in the Shebaa Farms area and a reinvasion of Lebanon and potential surgical strike against Syria. Lebanese airspace is frequently violated by Israeli planes as well–something that’s often done in advance of an invasion so the initial move does not look particularly suspicious.

Apparently in response to this very real possibility, groups such as Hizbollah have refused to disarm in the face of repeated Israeli calls. On June 6th, Lebanese voters turned out to hand the pro-Israeli forces in Lebanon a stunning defeat with an alliance of Hizbollah and Amal taking some 80% of the votes.

"We will face any attempt to disarm the resistance," commented Amal leader and parlimentary speaker Nabih Berry.

And thus, as events in Lebanon seemiingly spiral toward Israeli (or UN) intervention, and the rhetoric against Syria (which recently halted anti-terrorism cooperation with the U.S. saying "why bother?") is stepped up, it can be seen that John Bolton’s time may indeed be now, or fairly soon.