A Question for Hillary

What is the one burning question that no one is willing to ask Hillary – the one taboo subject that none dare approach? It is the one question that even Republicans will not ask. Of course, we should not expect an answer from Hillary, but that is beside the point. Often there is more truth in the question than the answer.

The question: Why did you stand by in silence while President Clinton rained down bombs on Iraq during the whole of his administration. In addition to the relentless bombing, Clinton enforced the so-called sanctions, which many considered to be an illegal blockade. The result was 500,000 dead Iraqi children. When asked about this by Leslie Stahl, Madeleine Albright said that the death of the children was worth it. Why were you silent, Hillary? Is your silence an unspoken approval of this policy of death during the Clinton Administration?

One can only speculate on how Hillary might answer the question about the 500,000 dead children. Some possible Hillary answers:

"I did not think anyone would notice the 500,000 dead children."

"Damn that Leslie Stahl."

"We planned to blame everything on Saddam."

"Please don’t ask me to say, ‘I’m sorry’."

"I know how to stand by my man."

"So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that? Oops, that comment has already been spoken by another first lady."

"I was too busy baking cookies."

"Please ask me about my marriage. That is an easier topic."

Republicans will not question Hillary about the deaths of the children. Republicans are hell-bent on killing more Iraqis, Iranians, Afghans, etc. Of course Democrats have a vested interest in burying their colorful past. They continue to pretend to be an opposition party but the public is slowly awakening – too slowly to make any difference.

The question should be asked, not only of Hillary, but also of every other candidate. There’s not an innocent one in the bunch. Anyone, who is seeking votes now, should have a record of having taken a stand against the Sanctions while the children were still alive. Rhetoric now will not bring the dead children back to life. Give us no campaign promises about the future. Show us what you did to save those innocent kids. If you did nothing then, you do not deserve the support of voters now.

Most of us want to vote for "none of the above". We need a candidate who has a proven record of having been in opposition to policies, which have resulted in the deaths of many here and in other countries. There are just a few who would fit that bill. The problem is, they are not allowed to participate in the presidential debates. The Democrats and Republicans will not allow it and the media never gives equal coverage to Alternative Party candidates.

The electoral process will not be fair until it is open to all. Forget the voting machine fiasco – it is important – but the issue of allowing all views to be heard is of a higher priority. My vote will go to the silenced candidate in the corner. The one whose voice is not heard. The guy who is ready to take on both, the Democratic and the Republican parties. He will be my write-in candidate. There is a special satisfaction when writing-in a candidate – a feeling of freedom. Everyone should try it.

Voting for any Democrat or Republican will not change things. The charade will go on. The games will continue. The Democrats and Republicans have turned over control to the corporations. Does it really matter who gets to live in the White House after the next election? No. The CEOs of the pharmaceutical companies and the weapons manufacturers have already won what really matters. They have the power. They get to decide who lives and who dies. You can’t get much more powerful than that.

Democrats and Republicans created the problem. They are not qualified to fix it. Only a candidate who is not controlled by either major party stands a chance at making any headway in real reform.

All of the media hype about elections and voting is just an illusion to give the masses the appearance of democracy. It is like watching a boxing match in which you hope that both contenders wind up on the mat.

About the next election, only one thing is for sure. No matter which candidate wins, we will all lose – again.