A Perilous Punch!


“As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascinations. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular”

Oscar Wilde

Exact on time-fixed by the ‘de facto masters’ of the global fate-the Pandora’s Box has been set in motion with a ‘stunning style’ to validate the pragmatic notion that the epoch of the stone-age sticks on, with ‘might is right’ as its podium. This vista evaporates the idioms like ‘civilization’ or ‘erudite’ from the lexicon-in a jiffy-manifesting the fact that the axiom like the century has no denotation-at all, may it be the 21st one. So it comes into view that-in a way-the Statue of Liberty has stirred ‘to accomplish its denotation’-as is perceptible from its motif-the surname. So as envisioned Baghdad is-once again-receiving shimmer-like flare from the skies as was met head-on by it dwellers-almost thirteen years ago in 1990-yet this time with a hefty mode. The kismet of the beleaguered human species is éprima facie-as apparent as the crystal-like waters of Arafat, which have watched such scenarios-ever since a skirmish erupted between right n’ wrong-centuries ago. With this insight-a hardnosed mind can very expediently visualize the upshot of the blitz-which may not last longer than before.

True to global inkling, the United States-prima facie overlooking the bona fide mind-set of the peace-loving billions, dwelling on this planet-n’ setting aside a sagacious testimony of Hans Blix before the UN Security Council-seemed obdurate vis-é-vis the diagram, it had sketched out for a cataclysmic crusade against Iraq ‘at all costs.’ The fact was conspicuous from the importunate avowals of President Bush who seemed all set even to the point of liquefying the world body-the United Nations, if the new-fangled resolution-based on his acuity-was snubbed one way or the other. The dazzling head of the solo super-power-‘as a man of word’-did not feel disinclined even to aver that the United States would go along with its schema-to ram the perfidious ‘gifts’ via its potent jets for the guiltless kids-forming a substantial number of the Iraqi populace, which was already gazed with atypical ill-fated setting [due to callous sanctions]-visibly never viewed by any nation ever even in the ancient times.

Scanning through the index of history-the factuality shall float up before the erudite Bush that the US has-by now-attained no aromatic goal despite Washington’s blitzkrieg on manifold soils-explicitly in Vietnam, Cambodia, Palestine, Afghanistan plus parts of Gulf. In a way the US has grossed nothing except emotions of disgust from every facet.

Saddam Hussein is just an individual [and is to quit the apex chair like anyone else one-day]-whose outlook had-apparently-been illustrated in-depth in the Blix story which unveiled the magnitude of his collaboration even to the extent of missiles’ obliteration without any disinclination.

So what was the rationalization to affix him as a target-the catastrophic impact of which were to limit not alone with his people but would-eventually-travel beyond oceanic-virtually world-wide. Isn’t a reality?

Bush’s caveat to initiate sorties on Iraq even without the UNSC authorization, paradoxically, symbolizes his total derision to the international opinion, which has ad nauseam resisted US military designs against Baghdad. It’s fetid like Hitler’s smugness to invade Moscow despite worldwide point of view to the contrary. It seems that President Bush is following a dubious path by ignoring the international opposition to war against Baghdad. What did, after all, he want from Iraq when its military muscle posed no danger to any of its neighbour, especially Washington’s cute, delightful n’ sweetheart honey-Israel.

As far Iraq, its’ people seemed deflated and its Forces are ill-equipped. It has been willingly annihilating its much loved missiles. What was, as a result, left that Bush wanted Iraq to disarm? If Iraq had any fixed or clandestine arsenal-which in his opinion-Saddam Hussein had been able to camouflage from the UN avid inspectors, he should have come out with exact information and cajole the world community about Baghdad’s failure to act in accordance with SC’s germane resolution–the 1441. Plausibly, Bush n’ Blair have-throughout the period-been acting as global hoodlum in their envy for Iraqi oil-which could have been accomplished via an apt treaty, as is the global practice vis-é-vis multiple accords.

Paradoxically-the ‘masters of the world today’ have opted for a perilous course-which can in no way be termed as vindicated. Alas, they ought not to have derelict the factuality that its’ not the terra firma of Saddam-n’ is in fact is the eternal abode of grandiose mystic souls-fittingly sanctified by the Creator, the only n’ solely mighty power to enigmatically n’ miraculously shield their catacombs-the focal point of candid aficionados in billions. So, it is not that simple to obliterate the soil-as is being visualized by a few ‘potent’ on the earth planet. It’s evident from the world-wide spree of protests, ongoing unabated. Whatever the fate of Iraq, it is an apposite time for the Muslim world to erect optimal unity amongst their ranks-at least for the perpetuity of Ummah, lest they are faced with such a risky pose-if the US bangs with a similar gusto to clutch its venomous goal with a trap of the Iraqi domain-because with such a toxic milieu Washington is now almost awfully close to their jugular vein-the oil. With the hottest ambush of Iraq-global eye-brows incontrovertibly stand lifted-specifically gazing into the much-trumpeted but not in print to-date the Machiavellian ‘road map for Palestine’-explicitly-with the on-hand episode, depicting an ordeal n’ torment of lofty magnitude to-day with a quest to detect- how, how n’ what next-to get mementos-in the silhouette of pellets n’ projectiles to flavor the abject effects of the Pandora’s Box?

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.