A Patriotic Loom


A striking n’ reminiscent chapter seems-close to be indexed-in the political history of Pakistan, which has-by n’ large-been blemished with perils of lofty magnitude.

The atypical course has been set in motion by Prime Minister, Zafarullah Jamali-prima facie with sincerity n’ fervor for a durable egalitarian statute in the country. It is manifested by his newest contacts with apex leaders of all the political parties-explicitly with those, affixed with diverse Opposition parties.

A pragmatic mind would surely phrase this gesticulate as a patriotic loom, as never before such an exercise has been set off by any ‘democratic ruler’- to such a scale, which eventually placed the nation under Martial Law, a system-far away from the adores of the comity of nations, specifically in the current epoch.

Why did such a longed scenario shell? Its’ known to all. Even to those who are treated as responsible-perceptibly for their traditional misdemeanors n’ conjures for a few precise interests, setting aside a prolific n’ aromatic zest befitting the national cause.

Its’ very easy to grouse against a regime-repugnant to a democratic set-up as well as to target a person or a set of individuals by echoing ‘voice for democracy n’ begrudge for uniform’-in a ‘frivolous bid’ to clutch peoples’ love. Yet its’-simultaneously-complex to hoodwink the masses, who are well aware of every facet and the raison d’étre of each scenario-right from October 1958 to-date.

Without going into ins and outs of the periodic episodes, one has to admit that the President, General Pervez Musharraf could have-very conveniently-prolonged his regime in whatever style, he wished. He had established his fabulous credentials before the world-which matters in the 21st century era. Even to the extent that his ‘governance in uniform’ was acknowledged by the nations with archaic n’ antique democratic backdrops as- absolutely right n’ accurate. Yet he got the general elections held in the country in October last-not to appease any-one but to accomplish his superb pledge.

With this validity of truth, is it apposite for any-one, who so ever he or she may be to lift eye-brows vis-é-vis the General’s candor for an elected rule in the country? Likewise isn’t it a fact that Pakistan is much- admired with best understanding of its issues-to be specific on the South Asian settings-which has placed the core issue of Kashmir on the global atlas with an out-right support for the people of the Himalayan State even from the masters of today’s world with the United States atop?

Isn’t it a realism that Pakistan’s foreign policy is understood much better than before-even as the harbinger of the universal peace as well as a reverential emblem for Ummah? Isn’t it a fact that the country’s economy-is back on sound base from the hazardous edge of almost zero? Isn’t it a veracity that the President eschewed every ‘step’ [which was being envisioned by the knowledgeable class-as clear as crystal and virtually a bona fide act] when a consensus for the formation of an elected government was almost close to an end in the post-October-10 polls? So on n’ so forth.

Even now when a cluster of politicians is all set to ‘achieve their demands on litigious topics’-like the Legal Framework Order [LFO]-they-as erudite-seem fully aware of the eventual impact of such a course, invoke. Hence they are expected by the nation to respond to PM Jamali’s up-dated initiative [which must have been harmonized by President Musharraf] with optimal collaboration, featured by a positive feat-at least in the pre-eminent interest of a permanent democratic set-up in the country.

At the same time, it is obligatory for the Jamali-led government to comprehend a few definite realities-to achieve its zestful campaign-to win over the opposition in a solid way. The episodes-catalogued in Pakistan’s political history are the best guide n’ channel to contact the governments’ ‘cherished goals’. Not only that an anti-opposition crusade needs to be seized at-once but also a direct get in touch with the top leadership of every political party-wherever it dwells today-needs to be thought about with somberness.

Zigzagging effects nothing except a stop-gap deal. So why not to opt for a lasting solution to avert all types of political hullabaloo? Such a mindset shall not only put the requisite aspire on a resolute n’ steadfast democratic track but would also evaporate animosity of any size to an eternal stop. It’s much needed by the captivating n’ charismatic soil of Pakistan for its ultimate growth, progress, evolution, stability n’ alien-free affluence-in a deluxe way.

We wish PM Jamali all the best with a predict that as an aficionado of the poet-philosopher Allama Iqbal, he [the PM] shall pick expediency as the singular podium of his mission [of contact with challengers] in place of just relaxing to words-which are customarily beamed by most of the politicians as a classic chic to mollify n’ soothe their electorate-as a symbol of their budding sketch to grip the masses’ admire for a definitive victory in all times to come.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).