A Nation confused

The nation is not only confused but also worse confounded, with the march of events in Pakistan. We seem to be going back to the days of yore with rallies, demonstrations, hartals, bomb blasts and processions on the one side and lathi charge, mass arrest, firing and killings by the government agencies on the other side. Nation wants to know, is it a government of the people, for the people and by the people, or a government of the rulers, for the rulers and by the rulers. The nation never expected the practices of the days gone by; to be followed by the people who had promised to root-out corruption, nepotism and provincialism and uphold the prestige of the nation in the International comity.

After all, why every ruler is jittery when a procession or a rally is taken out. Let them vent their feelings, let them blurt out what they have to say. The dogs bark and the caravans passes on but that can happen only when you are sincere and honest to the nation and the country, not in the manner in which our previous rulers have been. Be like a Caliph Omar and the nation will rally behind you. And do not dabble with the so-called power brokers, they are not for Pakistan, they are for themselves and the nation hopes that you are not for yourself. Be a statesman and listen to the people in the streets, meet the cross section of people and their leaders on their own ground. Is the government shy or considers it infra dig to talk the lowest of the low, who is much higher then some, who roam in the corridor of power, as he is the taxpayer also. Please give respect to the taxpayer and involve him in the framing and later implementing the government policies for good governance and welfare of the nation and to fulfill the requirements of transparency.

The nation does not expect the people who had promised to root out corruption, to get involved in petty rallies and processions, what makes the government of Pakistan summon the Chief Secretary and Inspector General of Police of Sindh to Islamabad. What can they say and what have they to say and what the government of Pakistan can do about it. Only, to replace the Chief Secretary and I.G Police. Will it solve the problem and make the law and order situation peaceful. The government should search their hearts sincerely and positively and then act. There are in the newspaper every day reports of innumerable car snatching and robberies but the Chief Secretary and IG Police have not been summoned to Islamabad to explain their position on it. Simply because that does not apparently makes the chair of the rulers shake, while a procession or a rally makes them feel that this is a personal attack on them and their chair is shaken. Replacement of personnel does not solve the problem, only confidence has to be inspired in the nation and the country. 

This is the last chance and let the rulers make it and not enter into the petty politics. Pick up the issues involved in their road map for revival of the economy to achieve progress and prosperity and give their solutions. This was the purpose of take over, on 12th, October 1999 and try to live up to it. National unity is the crying need of the hour, nations confusion will disappear, the worst thing that can happen to a nation is to live in confusion. History records confusion is always a pre cursor of revolution, as it happened on 12th October 1999.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.