A Muslim view of Tammy Bruce’s C-Span performance

On September 3, 2006, feminist talk show host Tammy Bruce appeared on C-Span’s Book TV program “In-Depth.” A woman, claiming to be an American Muslim, called onto the program to voice her opinion, that American Muslims have been treated unfairly in the media as a result of actions carried out by people who were not American, and who did not act in the name of Islam on 9/11. There is no way to know if this was a true incident, or an incident that was staged as a platform for Bruce’s clearly over the top response. This woman mentioned the name Timothy McVeigh, and the fact that his destruction of the Oklahoma City Murrah building and the deaths associated with that act had not resulted in the demonization of the Christian faith as terrorist, even though McVeigh claimed to be a Christian, and he said in so many words, that his acts were prompted by a sense of justice born of his Christian faith. Bruce interrupted the caller to open a tirade against Islam that went unchallenged because the C-Span host did not ask Bruce to either allow the caller to complete her thought, or to allow the caller to respond. Bruce, having exhausted nearly three minutes of the program’s final moments in her filibuster of the questioner, finished, leaving only a few minutes remaining in the program, and of course the topic was quickly changed. Only due to the fact that what Bruce had to say was such a bunch of politicized bullshit do I pen this response to her, hoping sincerely that she, and others like her will keep in mind that when they are talking to Muslim Americans, they are not talking to any lesser human beings than themselves, and no less Americans than they, and that they hold no moral high ground, nor do they have the clean hands that would allow them or her to speak with such dishonest and illegitimate authority, and arrogance.

Bruce claimed in her response to the caller, that Muslim Americans have no right to use the Timothy McVeigh example as an example of unfair treatment of Muslims in the US, or demonization of Islam, since according to Bruce, McVeigh acted as a sole perpetrator and was not part of a global conspiracy of radical religionists that are sworn to terrorism and destruction of the US. Whereas there is no reason to assume that McVeigh himself was part of the so-called Christian right, Zionist Jews and Christians in the US have escaped media condemnation for their organized support of terrorism, crimes against humanity and also the very clear threat they pose to US national security, even though no one makes much of this fact. Bruce is obviously not aware of the role that the Christian right has played in both instigating and carrying out acts of terror against Muslims and Islamic institutions in the Middle East for the better part of the 20th century, and most recently in Iraq, or their blackmailing of US public servants on behalf of Israel, and how this has hurt the US. Is she not aware of the Zionist Jack Abramoff’s scandalous and illegal behavior, and the role that this vermin played in bribing and trivializing our Congress, thereby destroying US credibility and prestige in the world? She must also be oblivious to the role that Jewish and Christian Zionist played in luring the US, based upon Jewish neo-con lies, into Iraq where more than 2600 young American soldiers and Marines have lost their lives for the sake of Israel, who has upon every opportunity sought to undermine the US in Iraq, and to prevent US success in Iraq, and Iraq’s reconstruction. She is also perhaps unaware of the cost to the US taxpayer to sustain the criminal entity Israel that has done more to hurt the US interest, and to cause American deaths, and which poses a greater threat to our nation than any supposed “Islamic” enemy. Is she not aware of Jonathan Pollard and the harm he caused the US, or the AIPAC spy scandal? The USS Liberty, the death of Rachel Corrie and the growing umber of suspected Israeli false flag operations carried out against US targets internationally. Doesn’t Bruce know about Israel selling US military secrets to China, which probably made their way to North Korea? Is Ms. Bruce unaware of the Israeli link to 9/11 that is becoming increasingly apparent, and also the role that the neo-con Zionist have played over the years, undermining the US Constitution, and our legal and moral culture, while obliterating our Bill or Rights and civil liberties? If the apparent success that Zionist Christians and Jews have enjoyed, undermining United States interests, our Constitution and Bill or Rights, while bankrupting our country, and not to mention the threat their religious fanaticism poses to US national security, if this is not the result of political/religious organization and conspiracy that pose real and obvious threats to our country’s security, then these words need new definitions. Either Bruce is an absolute idiot, or she is what we suspect, another Zionist stooge, a taking head that has been programmed to spew threats and propaganda that disregard the obvious truth.

As Bruce concluded her seemingly scripted retort to the suspect caller, she issued a threat to American Muslims that should not be ignored. She said that as long as we refuse to denounce international terrorism, refusing to acknowledge the fact that Islam is indeed a conspiracy to overtake the world and to impose a radical and fanatical worldview upon the West, we can expect more deaths of Muslim children in the Muslim and Arab world, more attacks from Israel, and more demonization of Islam and Muslims every where. She is to be deplored for her callous and arrogant threats that are so familiarly provocative. Like ugly caricatures of the prophet Muhammad (sa), Ariel Sharon’s stroll to the Al Aqsa mosque, and other acts of Zionist provocation, Bruce’s threats are intended to enrage US Muslims, and to create a cause for the likes of Steven Emerson, and other Zionist propagandists and flame throwers, and their Muslim and Arab lackeys to mount their thrones on cable TV, and to claim that US Muslims are all extremists, and angry Jew and Christian haters, and a threat to US security. They do this hoping that it will perhaps result in more oppressive scrutiny and harassment of Muslims and Arabs in the name of US security, along with the promotion of the cooperative and co-opted Muslim and Arab groups. Such scrutiny and harassment distracts law enforcement from the true threats and culprits, while squandering tax dollars chasing, and persecuting innocents. These Zionists are also frightened that Muslim, Arab and white Christian patriots will unite against the Zionist Christian and Jewish threat to US security and our Constitution, and that is probably why their “call in” stooge invoked the name of Timothy McVeigh, and Bruce’s strong disassociation of the two as having either a common cause or experience as mutual victims of the Zionist media.

Bruce’s threats of more Israeli and US government violence against Muslims, though typically arrogant and brash, is not anything new, or unexpected, even though it is an overestimation of their capability, and likely success, which is also nothing new, or unexpected. The people of our nation would be wise to take note of Bruce’s tactics, which include provocation that is clearly aimed at divide and conquer. Let it be a wake up call to true patriots.