A Middle East Real Ghost Story

Ghosts in the widest sense do not exist, except in people’s minds. Religious beings such as gods, angels and the like; and spirits of transpired people also live in people’s minds. Gossip is the media par none for such ghosts. If you do not believe that then just listen in to such a conversation; then one comes to realize that there are more people present than just the speakers themselves. These ghost people are there without a body. Still they often dominate the conversation. And that mostly unbeknown to the speakers as these ghosts sneak in through the ‘backdoor’ and just sit there unnoticed taking part in the conversation.

In this oh-so-real make-belief world the expression of: would god exist if man did not can be expanded to include ghosts as well. Samuel Beckett was quite wrong when he has one of his characters (Hamm in Endgame) say about god: “The Bastard! He doesn’t exist!” Gods do obviously, but being part of man’s psyche, they could not exist without men. And that brings me to the Middle East.

The Middle East is a make-belief ghost world

The Middle East is such a make-belief ghost world and ever so real as man breathed life into it. When mythical writings such as the Bible and Torah are taken literally, their symbolic characters become ghosts, people without a body and mostly nasty at that. These make-belief characters form an unholy trinity, the head-honchos being Allah, Jehovah, and Yahweh. Their influence on their followers is second to none, because, as ghostly personages they have taken on an illusive and macabre quality of a non-existent reality in their people’s minds. Their fanatical followers however, do not see them as ghosts, but deities, all beyond reproach, destining their workers on earth like a queen bee in a hive. Their territorial imperative is as strong as Ardrey’s and their need for earthly space as ardent.

The struggle of these personages in the Middle East has caused the daily reality of suicide bombings, tanks bulldozing villages, shooting of women and children and everything else horrible that goes with a war. Without these mythical characters there would not even be a war of fanatics, and no Israeli state. But as none of them wishes to leave room for the other, and there is no room for all three of them, being Allah, Yahweh, and Jehovah, a struggle is the unavoidable outcome. If they only acknowledged the existence of each other, they at least could talk. But that is unlikely as they all proclaim to be the only god. To acknowledge the existence of another god would put the lie to their monotheistic claim. And contrary what Jesus taught, Gods do not turn the other cheek, not even when they are located in the breast of men.

Their battle field commanders are all men lacking wisdom: Arafat, shrewd and dishonest, Sharon, master terrorist and hell bent to claim the West Bank for Yahweh, and Bush & company a naéve and very materialistic lot in the Whitehouse, taking their marching orders from Sharon.

Three gods the major players in the Middle East

What about their attributes and adages by which they are known; Allah is Great, Yahweh is Perfect, and Jehovah is Love? Islam god

These are merely relative like advertising slogans, they just sound good. There is nothing great about the teaching of hatred and terrorism in Islamic schools. Nor is there any greatness in the training of suicide bombers.

Jewish god

There is also no perfectness in a god like Yahweh who went into the earthly real estate business by moving his kingdom onto earth, and in the process kicks people off their land. Yahweh has absolutely no problem in giving away other people’s property by promising the Jewish followers unlimited territory, an opportunity the Israelis use with fervor. With such an invisible god one cannot reason, in particular as he speaks through the mouths of those who have the power of the word as their specialty. More about that later.

Christian god

Christian Love translates to cruelty

The so called love of the Christians is anything but compassionate. During the crusades after the dark ages in just a couple of days in excess of 40.000 Jews and Moslems were slaughtered in Jehovah’s name by the honourable and not so honourable Christian knights. (Karen Armstrong – Guardian Newspaper – author of Islam, A Short History) The hands of the pope’s inquisitors in the Middle Ages are still dripping with blood of their victims.

There is also no honour in the blessing and exporting of heavy armour intent for destruction to Israel, while stating that it is to be used only for defensive purposes, not for aggression. In reality they are used to attack and subdue the Palestinians and others. Does one need submarines, tanks etc. to defend oneself against people who have no weapons to speak of, except for suicide bombers?

Having no weapons and seeing their land dwindle through Israeli land grabs, the suicide bomber has literally become the embodiment of the Palestinian ‘tank’. How can one be called a terrorist for defending one’s land from occupying forces?

Sharon is especially dangerous having taken on the mantel of ghostly Yahweh, and Yahweh has no conscience because he is perfect. Human life does not mean anything to Sharon, he has shown that throughout his career, and is well documented. His objective is to get the whole of the West Bank and ban the Palestinians across the river Jordan.

Bible Belt Christians in US

In the US the Jews are not the only ones trying to justify Israeli aggression. The US-Bible-belt-Christian fundamentalists hold the record for the number of Biblical ghosts they nourish. It passes them by that whoever created man also created logic and common sense. They are too possessed by their own godly head honcho to open their eyes.

Jews & Christians brothers?!?

Christ. tunnel vision to Islam religion

The Palestinians cannot expect any help form these fundamental Christians among them Bush. The tunnel vision of these Christians in relation to Islam is proof of that. This is apparent from an article in the New York Times/IHT of July 9/02 and I quote: The Reverend Franklin Graham, son of the Reverend Billy Graham and a prominent evangelist in his own right, is quoted as having said of Islam: “I believe it’s a very evil and wicked religion.” The Reverend Jerry Vines, past president of the Southern Baptist Convention, declared that the prophet Mohammed was “a demon-obsessed pedophile.” One cannot expect a balanced view nor compassion from such people for the Palestinian sufferers, who happen to also claim Abraham as one of their Patriarchs.

The reporting in the media is tilted heavily in the favour of the Israelis. Most writers who write about the Middle East conflict shrink away from criticizing Israel, afraid of being slain by the sword of anti-Semitism, or the hellfire of the Holocaust. Both issues are of course totally irrelevant and immaterial to the matter at hand, being the occupation of the West Bank. Free speech became a victim at the hand of the Jews, reserving the right of free speech for Jews only, who are free to criticize anyone, while censoring the right of others to criticize them under threat of being accused of anti-Semitism and Holocaust.

The attempt by Israel to claim the moral high ground by solely focusing on suicide bombers, and calling them terrorists does not fly. It is a convenient attempt to ride the coat tails of Sept. 11 happenings. Every honest person knows there is a great difference. It makes a difference to attack those who occupy one’s land, or foreign terrorists who are coming to kill you. In that sense the Israelis are much closer in fulfilling the role of terrorists than the Palestinians, who haven’t invaded anyone as yet.

In the Middle East, words and deeds speak a different language. The Israelis act as being the victims to cover up their real objectives, i.e. being the occupation of the entire West Bank. It is the expertise of Jews to use to bend words to pull things out of context. In this sense the Jews have no equal and are a formidable opponent of the Palestinians in the war of words.

Masters of the Word

WORD- Koestler EB-KO1-112/3

EB-KO1-112/3 Koestler a Hungarian and Jewish born British novelist sheds light on this phenomena. In The Arrow in the Blue he says: “Generations of Jews were taught in Talmudic schools to interpret a yes as a no and black as white until this technique became a conditioned reflex of the mind. The outcome was a vicious circle, a perpetuum mobile for generating anti-Semitism, which linked persecution and evasion in a monotonously alternating rhythm.”

Attraction to ‘Word’ professions

An inordinate number of Jews are attracted to the practice of law and the media, both places being perfect for the manipulation of ‘words’. DB-JEW-162

Another very subtle use of Jewish word play is the expression of ‘Jews and Gentiles’. It conveniently divides the entire world population into just two main groups, Jews and non-Jews and puts the thimble size number of Jews in the world at par with the entire non-Jewish world, being every one else. This arrogance of many Jews originates with this OT statement in Deut. 7:6 where it says: “God hath chosen thee to be a special people, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” That is one of the major reasons that the Jews abound with (artificial) superiority.

Today even the US bows to their wishes. The president of the United States receives his marching orders from Sharon, and the more the US goes along, the more the Jews feel that they can do what they like.

What started all this?

To unmask the so called promised-land claim, we must again turn to the OT. There it says: “And when the Lord your God brings you into the land which he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give you, with great and goodly cities, which you did not build, and houses full of all good things, which you did not fill, and cisterns hewn out, which you did not hew, and vineyards and olive trees, which you did not plant, and when you eat and are full, ….” Deut. 6:10/11. Here Yahweh authorizes the Hebrews to take everything they want from non-Jews. This arrogance can also be seen in the continued increase of new illegal settlements on the West Bank.

The water rights are similarly Je12Out-V10.doc E. Hull in RB-B64-914/1c notes that aspecial privileges accorded to the Israelis that they should come into the possession of wells that they themselves had not dug. Today that is still the case. Even if the Israelis may let the Palestinians have the land, the Israelis will still control the water rights, which they can turn off at the drop of a hat, to bring the Palestinians back in line. And anyone in the Middle East who owns the water rights has the power. To take such Biblical text literally is either colossal naiveté or criminal.

Many Jews have recognized the one-sidedness and injustice of how the Israelis manipulate and treat the Palestinians. Strauss Feuerlicht in The Fate of the Jews, states: “Israelis have been using water from the West Bank in Israel itself, as well as for their settlements, while restricting the water allowance for Palestinians. Palestinians have been forbidden to dig new wells.”DB-JEW-220

For the Jews this ghostly (for all other nations ‘ghastly’) promise by Yahweh became the cause for the many conflicts in the Middle East ever since 1948. It is Israel that is proclaimed by the orthodox Jews to be the promised land given them by their godly ghost Yahweh and Jerusalem to be its heavenly city.

That the Jewish state got the name of Israel what was formerly Palestine (before 1948) is no accident. It has no connection whatever with the Biblical Israel, but everything to do with pecuniary purposes. Taking the names of the state which comprised Israel and the lost tribes implies that the new Israel are the lost tribes newly found. A fallacy, a fraud. The Jews of today are no tribe of the Middle East, but European migrants and the majority from countries of the former Soviet Union. Therefore, they cannot be Semites because they do not have the ancestry. Even Moses was not a Jew but an Egyptian. Abraham s’ wife Hagar was also an Egyptian. DA-13T-186/7 Arafat and the Palestinians today are the true Semites, being the true descendants from Ishmael, and later to become Muslim-Arabs. The original Jews descended from Isaac. Arafat therefore is a Semite, not Sharon.

The Jews are a hodgepodge conglomeration of people held together by a religion for materialistic gain, land-wise and money-wise. Looking at it from the outside, the Jewish religion has become a marketing organization for the gathering of riches and raising its members above all other people.

What was that ghastly promise by Yahweh

Why is it so important to the Jews to be a race? Because of the issue of anti-Semitism and the necessity of being a race. In order to fulfill the role Yahweh had given them and making it plausible that they were the chosen people and to justify the land grab, it became necessary for the Jews that they were seen as a race having been driven from the ‘promised land’ and returning to it. The Jews are only related by having the same religion, Judaism; and not through race. So, even if we would accept the Biblical promise-which would be lunacy in itself-it would not even apply to the Jews of today.

Anti-Semitism can only be claimed when one is part of a race, otherwise it is simply anti-Jewish. Racism without a race does not exist. Every shout of anti-Semitism emphasizes this fraudulent non-existent race card. That is the reason it is so popular among Jews. The slogan ‘Anti-Jewish’ is much too tame for them.

Conclusion: Israel is not a democracy. Democracies do not expand their land holdings at the expense of other countries. Israel also belies the definition of a democracy which is a true separation of church and state. Israel is a religious state the same as any autocratic Muslim state. There is no equality for all citizens. In a truly secular state the individual in importance is superior to its gods. Such was the case in Hellenic civilization, that preceded the Hellenistic civilization in Athens. (4th century BC)

What the majority of Jews not realize (except for non-Zionist Jews like Ms Strauss Feuerlicht) is that there are serious consequences for the Jews in having a Jewish State. Otto Rank, a prominent Jew, famous psychologist and writer stated this in 1930 as plain as could be. “A promised Land is only helpful as long as it is promised, not realized.” AF-BPS-284 What he meant was that with a state and ‘king’, and tied to a piece of land the Jewish so called ancient civilization would become exactly like others, that is a perishable civilization, i.e. limited like any other civilization happens to be. Even Hitler saw that in Mein Kampf: “Therefore . . . the Jewish ‘State’ is territorially completely unlimited . . . for their survival.” DB-H02-416 Meaning the Diaspora. The special status the Jews have enjoyed through the ages has been totally eroded by their land grab and greed. The Jews closed the door to heaven to prevent Yahweh’s return, and turned him into a Real Estate Agent a la Mafiosi.

Trite but very true: One cannot both eat one’s cake and have it as well. The Jews want both, a privileged status among nations and a ‘home’ country. A cake eaten is gone. Now they have a homeland. That is, the Jews are not the persecuted people, no longer the underdog. Instead they have become the persecutors, conducting program-like invasions into Palestine.

It is ironic that in the last war, the victims (Jews) and persecutors (Germans) both proclaimed to be the chosen people. The Jew must become at last a ‘normal’ person like everyone else, the same as was required from the Germans after the war. AF-BPS-281. Rank says in Beyond Psychology: The Jews were the parasites of Egypt, and living permanently on borrowed culture. Today nothing has changed, except that the US has replaced Egypt. The strength of the Jew is holding on to the past, making everyone else pay for it. Even the US will have to admit to that. Continuing their one-sided policy of favoritism toward the Israelis at the cost of other nations and Arabs, they pursue at their own peril. The Fathers of Confederation are turning in their graves holding their collective noses. Ghostbusters anyone?