A McCain-Lieberman Ticket in 2008?

“You get the government you deserve!”

— Jay Leno, in reflecting on the lack of political knowledge of the U.S. public.

As the John McCain presidential juggernaut rolls up the victories in GOP primaries across the country, forcing Mitt Romney to quit, a question remains: Who will the Senator from Arizona pick as his running mate in the Vice-President slot? Sen. “Turncoat Joe” Lieberman (IND-CT)? At just about every photo op recently on the campaign trail, Lieberman has been seen standing right next to, or directly behind, Sen. McCain. Which makes me ask: Doesn’t “Turncoat Joe” have a day job? There is little doubt in my mind that Al Gore lost in 2000, mostly because he picked Lieberman as his running mate. He did absolutely nothing for Gore’s candidacy. Labor didn’t want him, nor did the Afro-American community, nor did the progressive elements within the Democratic Party. Gore ignored all of their wishes and charged ahead and “chose” Lieberman as his V.P. Then, he lost the election by–inches. Will McCain make the same mistake in 2008?

The smart thing for Sen. McCain to do would be to pick somebody, like Arkansas’s Mike Huckabee, for V.P. He would firm up McCain’s base within the GOP’s Evangelical Christian wing. All he has to do is give his blessing and the delegates at the Republican National Convention will comply. For sure, Sen. McCain won’t go to Rudy Giuliani as a V. P. choice, since his candidacy was so roundly rejected by the voters. The ex-mayor of NYC, now has the “loser” label attached to that baldheaded dome of his. All of Giuliani’s hyping about “9/11, 9/11, 9/11,” simply blew back in his face. More and more people are questioning, at a deeper level, what exactly did happened on 9/11. Was it an inside job? [1] Some of the New Yorkers, close to the 9/11 tragedy, also deeply resented Giuliani using the deaths of their loved ones as one of his presidential campaign props. Exit Stage Right–Rudy Giuliani!

I suspect that Sen. McCain, who is a little bit of a head case, will ignore my advise, and pick, not Huckabee, but “Turncoat Joe” as his running mate! [2] Maybe, “pick” isn’t the right word. Maybe, it’s more accurate to say this: McCain will be “told” to take Lieberman! Now, that makes more sense to me. I think Gore, who’s no dummy, knew in his heart of hearts that Lieberman was going to be bad news for his candidacy–an enormous drag. If Gore were given a lie detector test today, like on Fox TV’s “Moment of Truth,” (or better yet subjected to waterboarding), he would have to admit that he was forced by the Wire Pullers, (the hidden cabal which controls the Democratic Party), to take on the repulsive Lieberman. An election, in 2000, which shouldn’t have been close, ended up making George B. Bush, Jr. president. You know the rest of that dismal story. Will history repeat itself in 2008? If it does, it will be because the GOP’s Wire Pullers wanted their key operative, Lieberman, as second-in-line for the presidency, if McCain wins.

I wonder if the “Wire Pullers” who control the Democratic Party at the national level also control the Republicans? If Lieberman gets the GOP’s V.P. nod, it would certainly point to that conclusion. I remember years ago, in Baltimore, Maryland, how one powerful, and amoral, political boss backed two candidates who were running for the same citywide office. “The Boss” was covering his bets, so to speak. Naturally, his man won!

Sen. Lieberman is well known in the U.S. Congress as an “Israeli Firster,” an unrepentant Iraq War Hawk, an ardent supporter of the USA Patriot Act and for a U.S. attack of Iran [3] McCain is a devotee of Israel, too, and I’ll get to that point in a moment. Lieberman can carry on endlessly about the supposed “security” needs of his beloved Israel. He even did so when Israel was bombing Lebanon back to the Stone Age, in the summer of 2006. But if you asked him about the fate of Katrina’s victims, or those millions who have lost their jobs to out sourcing, or how many people died when those recent horrific tornadoes ripped through the states of Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, he’d be clueless. Not only would he be clueless, he could personally care less! Every year, Lieberman leads the charge for extracting billions of dollars in freebees for Israel from the U.S. And what all that money really does is create more misery for the Palestinians and more enemies in the Islamic World for our country. [4]

An Israeli columnist, writing at Haaretz.com, on Feb. 7, 2008, revealed some of Lieberman’s reasons for supporting McCain’s candidacy. No surprise, they dealt with Israel. Lieberman, at a campaign function, in Florida, said: “McCain won’t do anything that ‘compromises’ Israel’s security.” He added: “McCain has very strong views when it comes to a ‘nuclear’ Iran.” [5] I couldn’t help but think: Isn’t Lieberman suppose to represent Connecticut and the people of the U.S.? Why is his point of view about McCain so Israel-centered? On top of that, this same columnist, reported that Gov. Huckabee’s candidacy was found worrisome to many in the Zionist community, including ADL’s chief windbag, Abe Foxman. [6]

Sen. McCain is supposedly a champion of our military. But, Bryant Jordan, a Vietnam War veteran, and associate editor at military.com, thinks that if he is, than it’s long past the time for him to speak out and demand justice for the survivors of the USS Liberty. On June 8, 1967, the Israeli Defense Forces slaughtered 34 members of the crew of that ill-fated vessel, as the ship was sailing, in international waters, off the coast of Sinai. The Israelis claimed it was all just “an accident.” The Liberty veterans insist it was a “deliberate” and malicious attack. [7] Mr. Jordan said that Sen. McCain, and the Congress, owe it to Liberty survivors “to demand answers to what really happened” on June 8, 1967. [8]

Finally, if within the next few weeks, “Turncoat Joe” Lieberman officially registers as a Republican, then the game is on! He will be Sen. McCain’s V.P. choice. And, if Lieberman is a no-go, then look for another Israeli apologist, like Sen. Arlen “Magic Bullet” Specter (R-PA), to get the GOP’s V.P. slot. [9]


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