A Machiavellian Act!


“It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude.”

Zig Zigler

Amidst a hideous propaganda crusade-unleashed ever since the nativity of the BJP-at the helm of affairs in India-the feeble AB Vajpayee has come-out with ‘a jovial zest’ for talks with Pakistan-virtually setting every erudite soul in an astounding course to infer the raison d’étre of his-otherwise-an antagonistic mindset. With this atypical acuity a téte-é-téte stands set in motion-n’ a lot of eyebrows stand lifted-to spot the modus operandi underneath this ‘proclamation’-explicitly-from the one, who is an indivisible aficionado of the vile cluster of customary fanatics-affixed in the fold of the villainous RSS. A swift shift in a man-who has been, until last week-end terming Pakistan as ‘a fit case for pre-emptive strikes’ [ a sort of ferocious blitz]-may be scarce facet-like a ‘breaking news’-for those, who are alien to terrorist frame of mind, yet pragmatically it’s certainly not new-fangled for those, who are sentient to the duel-face of India, which has always applied one ploy or the other to con the world-prima facie to validate its sadistic stance.

Not to talk of Nehru’s categorical commitments on Kashmir-which followed almost a dozen resolutions-adopted by the United Nations’ Security Council n’ its coupled limbs-still glued-in the History of Struggle for Freedom in Kashmir-the Indian posture has-invariably-been jerky-as result of which the Kashmir dispute remains at the same podium where it was-over five decades ago. As a matter of fact, it is solely due to New Delhi war-lords piercing belligerence. With this insight, the ‘offer of a dialogue’ by Vajpayee-on the mesmerizing soil of Srinagar-seems Machiavellian-as clear as crystal. Before getting on to voyage for the illegitimately n’ forcibly held part of the Himalayan State, Vajpayee copiously knew the bungled upshot of his visit.

To get his name inked-as ‘a matchless leader’-via a gawk in public-he set off yet another gambit to sway the gallant people of IHK-being kept in bondage with almost a million Indian armed troops-with an avow for talks with Pakistan-obviously with a feint of a logo ‘for the solution of the longed issue, in line with the aspirations of Kashmiris’. Yet the chivalrous souls-familiar with emblematical Indian tricks gave a flat ‘No’ to Vajpayee by expressing their loathing towards his visit to the sanctified land through every enlivening means-with a complete strike all-over atop.

Hence true to a cogent notion-Vajpayee’s visit proved futile-which is perceptible from his [Vajpayee’s] own confession, he made, the jiffy he returned to his abode-Delhi, wherein his précis is utterly divergent from the one-he made in Srinagar.

In the wake of such a typical odious subterfuge, India has once again opted for an obnoxious flee from getting onto the table of talks with Pakistan to avert the swelling tension in South Asia. Pakistan-a magnificent advocate of peace n’ tranquility-spontaneously-valued Vajpayee’s proffer for a dialogue. Yet with the ’emblematic style’ of New Delhi to dupe the world, the Indian Prime Minister, once again stand effusively exposed before the sagacious world-to which Vajpayee’s abrupt helix should serve as an eye-opener-as the constant egotism-coupled with a chimera of hegemony by India towards ground realities is posing colossal perils to the peace-around the globe. It shall-eventually-serve no other purpose except perpetuating a high degree of tension and animosity. Virtually, the narcissism of India was tarnished due to the Nine/Eleven tragedy-in the wake of which Pakistan was logically placed in a key position in the comity of nations that emerged as a coalition for a war against terrorism. India’s hurried offer of logistic support to the US was rebuffed [as India itself is engaged in state terrorism in IHK] and instead it was Pakistan, which became the focus of the global diplomatic activity.

However the embroidered self-staged assail outer the Indian parliament building came handy to New Delhi as an excuse for whipping up a completely uncalled for quandary by setting off war hysteria to a sniping magnitude. The entire world realizes that the present scenario in South Asia is too perilous to be allowed to persist for an indefinite period. As for Pakistan, it has on its part-time and again-manifested restraint and forbearance. Even after the one-sided deployment of Indian troops along the frontiers plus working boundary along Pakistan n’ LoC in J&K, Islamabad did not instantaneously rush its troops to the borders. It did so only when India’s malevolent act had created disquieting security risks for it. This zealously makes discernible Pakistan’s ardor for a long-lasting peace in this part of the world.

Paradoxically, New Delhi eschews the veracity that the continuation of the Kashmir dispute will always remain a source of anguish and affray in South Asia. This longstanding issue is sought to be solved-in line with UN resolutions-if not any thing else, at least in the best interest of serenity and affluence of over a billion-plus populace of this region. As far Pakistan, it will uphold its principled stand on the Kashmir issue, as has been categorically affirmed by the President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf in his adroit and universally-eulogized address to the nation on January 12-followed by the one on May 27 last. Hence Islamabad will continue to persuade its capacious friends-like the solo super power, the United States-in the international community to play their vital role-through a genial way-for a resilient peace in South Asia.

It is, therefore an apposite time for India to respond to global call-specifically that of Washington-wherein New Delhi has been frequently advised to enter into a dialogue with Pakistan for the settlement of disputes-of-course with Kashmir on the top of the agenda-in a suave way to ensure amity in this part of the planet.

It is-in fact an apt time that US should-simultaneously-put its optimal clout on India-even to the extent of striking across-the-board sanctions of all types-as is being done by the strapping White House-elsewhere with ‘a dazzling propensity’ to clutch the palpable zest for equilibrium-based on the UN charter-which overtly has no immunity or bigotry-whatsoever for any-one. If it is eluded-even the lofty image of the ‘master of today’s word’ shall stand evaporated in a jiffy, which shall be inked by the historian-as a toxic shot for subjugated terrains-like IHK by a goon, India n’ Palestine by an provoker, Israel. At the same time, such a skirting from an actuality shall place the fabulous USA in the set of those-normally phrased as biased towards a preamble-evolved on their own-for amity, what is defined as a pushy parameter-irrespective of faith, cast, color, creed or credo.

And-concurrently-in South Asia, neither the historian nor the mostly famished populous of India will ever exonerate the New Delhi rulers-if they do not shun their trifling designs-marked by an antagonistic flurry-at-once.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.