A Health Care Election

Apart from terrorism, perhaps the most important issue to Americans in the upcoming elections is the escalating cost of health care insurance. The latest statistics declare health care insurance is up eleven percent this year. As people become more stressed-out by modern day living, the pressure and demand on the health services and drugs will expand. More expensive drugs will be needed to treat expanding diseases. This will relate to more health insurance claims and thus send premiums rocketing skywards.

In an ever rising spiral of illness, health insurance will become even more unaffordable for many more people. Indeed over forty-five million Americans (15.5% of the population) cannot afford insurance now. In a few years time that number could conceivably double if present trends continue. So the question is…..do any of the political party’s have an authentic answer to the problem?

It would seem all they can guarantee is fuzzy waffle, empty promises, vague undertakings and shrouded uncertainty….That will not be of any help to the folks who want positive action. But perhaps the action required is not in the hands of the politicians, at least not directly. The responsibility of a persons health is the person themselves.

A good policy would be one that educates the public on how to take care of themselves and prevent illness from occurring. Since every self-inflicted illness comes from the mind in one way or another, it would seem a re-education on the way people think is the only true answer that will cut the cost of healthcare insurance. The political party that brings in the following policies would get elected in a heartbeat……..

Since most health premiums are paid by companies it is they who will regulate the health of their employees.

People need to learn how to re-educate the taste buds so that they do not crave high fat and high sugary foods. Companies should be given incentives to educate their employees and for every successful fitter employee, lower health premiums should apply…For those who ignore the information, they will pay higher premiums.

Regular exercise should be an intricate part of everyones lifestyle and anyone who is able to exercise and doesn’t will pay higher health premiums……those that exercise pay lower premiums.

Smokers pay higher premiums …non-smokers pay reduced premiums.

Alcoholic consumers (more that three glass of wine a week) pay higher premiums …non-drinkers pay reduced premiums

Stress reduction classes become part of a mandatory regime, for at least half an hour a day, every day, in every company in the USA

With a faithful adherence to these few simple precautionary measures the cost of health insurance will be drastically reduced. But so will the profits of the pharmaceutical companies and that may be why no political party will carry out the proposed enactments of disease prevention. So, the big question is……Is there an authentic political party that will bring in an illness prevention bill?

With only two months to go to the election the answer seems to be gasping and wheezing on hot air.