911 Fantasy and Reality

The day passed with more personal and less public commemorations in 2012 than in the past 11 years , but while tens of millions have watched videos of the flaming towers to the point of inducing numbness about the horror, some still advance metaphysical propositions for what was hidden from all eyes and consciousness but theirs. Many others ask legitimate questions about why the government did not know what was threatened and why it didn’t react properly when it was informed of that threat by the CIA.

The most feverish speculations deny any possibility that the suicide terrorists who hijacked the planes and killed more than 3,000 others could have had any reason for their acts. If they existed at all – there are claims that all 19 were fictitious beings – they were just tools in the hands of conspirators, who must number in the thousands if one puts all potential theories into the same mix.

Apart from possibly unconscious racism which often dismisses the perpetrator-dupes-puppets as “Arabs in caves”, omitting the fact that some of the cave dwellers had college and even graduate degrees , the doubters make assumptions about government information control that are certainly reasonable. Dishonesty is a standard of governments in any crisis and american rulers easily meet that norm. A history of slanted reporting of almost everything , especially international conflict, is cause for healthy citizen skepticism. But some of what passes for critique of the 911 events makes the story of the creation of the universe in six days, or in the big bang six million millennia ago, seem quaint little folk tales by comparison.

The most deranged have the buildings prewired to create a controlled demolition, indicating zero awareness of many things but especially that “controlled” demolitions cause no harm to surrounding structures. The 911 attack on the WTC also destroyed buildings three, four and seven as a result of fiery debris from the towers falling on them. This fact is unknown or disregarded by the true believers in the way that any suggestion of material evidence can always be seen as part of the plot, as in: they destroyed the other buildings in order to cover the fact that it was ( ominous background music) a controlled demolition ( violins swell to piercing volume).

Also left out of the controlled demo fantasy is the level of arrangement and coordination necessary to have the towers so wired to explode, with no one among the thousands who worked and trafficked there every day noticing anything out of the ordinary, and have the explosion detonated, not by sending an agent into the building and throwing a switch –” much too simple –” but by organizing a conspiracy to dupe 19 “Arabs in caves” into hijacking planes and killing themselves by crashing them into the towers at which point the core of the conspiracy –” Bush? Mossad? Batman? –” could throw the switch (from a secret location unknown to anyone) to immolate thousands of innocent Americans so the U.S. could go to war. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Other claims are that no planes were involved at all and missiles –” secret and invisible –” were the cause of the death and destruction. But these are extremes that many of the skeptics disdain and claim are plants by the conspirators themselves, that group growing in number as theories expand to the extent that it may involve a population larger than the number killed that day. And amazingly, not one of these conspirators, co-conspirators, agents, double agents, munitions experts, national and international secret keepers and more, in an environment that finds private conversations regularly filmed, recorded and going viral, have slipped up and revealed anything. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, even though some claim that Israel was behind the plot, that nation and especially its Zionist support group in America get off rather easily. Recent stories about the Bush administration paying no mind to CIA warnings about a pending threat of terrorist attack neglect to point out that the reason for an obsession with Saddam Hussein and not the al Qaida group was the threat Hussein represented to Israel.

The neocons with the greatest influence over that particular white house boob were all Israeli lovers who put that nation’s safety first, easily seeing the interests of a foreign country at least the same as those of the USA, since that has been the case in our politics for a generation or more.

Hussein was a far greater menace to Israel given his nation’s aid to Palestinians, even to the point of making financial contributions to the families of militants who died in suicide terror attacks. He alone among leaders in the Arab world was not only outspoken in support of Palestine with words but with deeds as well, and as such represented a serious threat. So, the Zionist neocons in the Bush advisory cabal laid it on with passion, and America followed their advice with embargoes, boycotts and invasions. If that sounds similar to the current lunacy about Iran, and you thinks there is a difference in policy because a religious loony was replaced by a political parasite, guess again.

A battle over american foreign policy has been going on for some time now between the old wasp wing –” white Anglo Saxon protestant – and the newer dominant jewish Zionist group. Given the weakening status of the empire in recent years, the wasps have become more outspoken in their criticism of american adherence to Israeli needs at the cost of our own. The present regime in the white house got there in great part because of its faithfulness to the Zionist cause, but once there it has shown some small adherence to the old foreign policy cabal’s view that maybe we have gone just a bit too far in bowing before the money provided by the Israeli lobby. This mistaken power of what is ignorantly called the jewish vote is really the power of that electoral dollar, since the vote of every jew in the usa, whether liberal, conservative, religious or atheist, would be enough to carry several communities and one or two cities. But the power of those dollars helps to buy the votes of the other 97% of Americans who are kept in rapturous expectation of a better hereafter or a promising tomorrow if they just keep selecting what seems a lesser evil on election day.

Unfortunately, if this idiotic nonsense continues the death toll is likely to increase, both in the middle east and at home. We can only hope that minds focused on nearly supernatural invisible forces can focus on earthly material reality to avoid another deadly war, this time with Iran but more likely with a great part of a world which is growing tired of an imperial power showing signs of suffering a form of political Alzheimer’s disease, and this with its hands on nuclear weapons. The time for imaginative if simplistic wondering about hidden conspiracy is past; reality has become far too dangerous and needs to be confronted in the material world.