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The Post

The Real Story Behind Katharine Graham and “The Post”

Movie critics are already hailing "The Post," directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Meryl Streep as Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham. Millions of people will see...
Jerusalem Chords Bridge

Team Trump add insult to injury for the Palestinians

It is tempting to interpret the announcement this week of a delay until the new year in US vice-president Mike Pence's visit to the...
Jill Stein

Oh For God’s sake, Leave Jill Stein Alone

I've known Jill Stein for years. I knew weeks ago that the Senate "Intelligence" Committee was coming after her. I set up this petition to put...
Trump Stop Spreading Terror - End Islamophobia

The “Trump Effect”: Positive Attitudes Toward Arabs and Muslims Are Up; So Is Hate

Are anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments on the rise in the US? And what are the best ways to combat them? These were some of...
Dome Of The Rock - Jerusalem - Cityscape

Last gamble?

Good things and bad things happen daily here. Daily we get to meet great visitors and work with great volunteers and staff that are...