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Dome of the Rock Jerusalem

Two Weakened Leaders

US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a lot in common. Both are in trouble, confronting problems that are more...
Jerusalem Israel Palestine Dome of The Rock Golden Dome

Kaya, the royal Dog

THE SPECTACLE is almost bizarre: a political party refuses to accept new members. And not just a few individuals, but tens of thousands. And...

DNC Fraud Suit Exposes Anti-Democratic Views in Democratic Party

Nine months after losing the presidency, the Democratic Party is in dire need of a course correction. Grass-roots enthusiasm for the party is far...

The Egg of Columbus

I don't know when the wheel was invented, or who invented it. However, I have no doubt that it was invented again and again, with...

Morocco: Addressing Shantytowns in an Emerging Democracy

What peaked in 2011 as a series of political protests sweeping the Middle East and North Africa is today, an opportunity to celebrate and...



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