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America’s Moral Failings under Obama

"There is little doubt that the USA is failing miserably in moral leadership. Four years ago Obama campaigned on closing the facility in Cuba and now, four years later, as he seeks his second term, the end of Guantánamo is nowhere in sight. He could have done more to persuade Congress and fellow Americans that this is the right thing to do. And what is simply incredible is that this former Chicago University law lecturer had no moral problem in having his administration contest the granting of habeas corpus. Obama’s strategy has been to assassinate "suspected militants" or people present in "suspicious areas" with drones, obviating the necessity of incarcerating them and dealing with their detention in court."

Daphni Rides Again

"There is no chance at all for any real gain for social justice without a major shift in the political setup of the country. As of now, King Bibi and his right-wing cohorts reign supreme. The right-wing bloc controls a huge majority of 80% in the Knesset, leaving the remnants of the left-wing bloc completely powerless. In such a situation, change is impossible."

Defending Pakistan – but how?

"It is imperative for the defense affairs of a country that it must be ruled by rulers whose government is popular amongst the general public. It is the characteristics of the so-called democratic governments that they are always the governments of the minority and they can never be popular if they do not deliver extraordinarily good performance."

Dr. Shakeel’s Venality — An Analysis in the retrospect

"The so-called Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and other elements referred to above have been bragging that the requirements of transparent trial in case of Shakeel Afridi have not been fulfilled, a wrong impression they want to spread amongst the public and also endorsing the American plea on the criminality of Afridi. They forget that the man has been convicted by a court of law under the relevant provisions of FCR for having links with the terrorist organization. Justice will take its own course when his trial commences in the regular court for the Abbotabad crime, carried out for a foreign spying agency against the interests of the land."

The evil of humanitarian wars :: Iraq, Libya, Syria: We have no right to...

"If the West succeeds in its slow-motion, proxy intervention in Syria and disables yet another Arab state for refusing to toe its line, the stage will be set for the next war against the next target: Iran....That is not an argument condoning Assad’s continuing rule. Syrians should be left to make that decision....But it is an admonition to those who justify endless meddling in the Middle East in the service of a Western agenda."