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In Israel, We Do Not Trust

"The bottom line is that Israel breaks its promises and deals just because it can. There is no one to hold it accountable in the ways that really matter. Condemnations mean nothing to a prisoner who had a small taste of freedom only to be snatched up again months later. Neither do they count to the Palestinian farmer whose land has been confiscated to make room for one more settlement neighborhood. The Palestinians know by now that Israel cannot be trusted. The question is, how long will it take for the world to come to that same conclusion?"

Pentagon consolidates control over Balkans

"Each NATO military operation over the past 17 years, in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya, has provided the alliance with bases, centers, troops and logistics for later and for future wars. Air bases in Bulgaria and Romania were employed for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and, as noted above, every Balkan nation but Serbia has supplied troops for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pentagon and NATO military personnel, aircraft, ships and radar in Southeast Europe can be used in attacks on Syria and Iran and in any new armed conflict in the South Caucasus, such as the five-day war between Georgia and Russia four years ago."

Unholy alliance forming against Syria

"...Syria is now going through a sea of troubles where there are many opportunists who will readily make the best of the crisis in the country....Israel is silently and ironically funneling millions of dollars to the rebels in Syria. In fact, Israel is capitalizing enormously on the collapse of Bashar al-Assad government. The fall of al-Assad in Syria means a lot to Israel. It is in fact tantamount to immense latitude and a capacious place of potency in the Middle East."

Romney: Going Negative, Subtly

"This election can be about many things. It can be about approaches to job-creation, or philosophies of governance, or character, or even qualities of leadership. But in a time of great national stress, faced, as we are, with a struggling economy and an unsettling and rapidly changing world, what this election debate should not be about are subtle or not so subtle digs calling into question the "patriotism" or "otherness" of the incumbent."

The ‘Amen Corner’ in the Capitol Hill

"Everyone knows that America cannot afford another war now. And these senators at the Capitol Hill ought to know better than ordinary Joe, Dick or Harry. Thus, why this madness to rush into another war, and at whose behest?"