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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Price of Ruling at any Cost

"Hamas is at a crossroads. If it continues to shun any and all efforts to honestly move forward with Palestinian reconciliation it may retain power in the Gaza Strip, but not for long. The people are not fools. And once they see that this authority, which is willing to stay in power at any cost is also willing to forfeit national unity, it is only a matter of time before they are on their way out."

Bangladesh and now Independent Baluchistan

"There is no question that the situation in Baluchistan is alarming and needs urgent attention....Military operation cannot be the solution – Pakistan should not forget what happened in East Pakistan."

Romney and GOP in Trouble

"What the Tea Party and the religious right want is a candidate who is ideologically "pure" (and they believe Romney is not), while what the GOP leadership wants is a candidate who can win control of the White House and not hurt the party's chances to take control of both Houses of Congress (and they believe none of the other candidates are able to accomplish either objective). And so what I have called the "fratricidal embarrassment" continues. It was on display during Wednesday's televised Republican debate as the candidates focused their nasty attacks more on each other than on President Obama."

Arab Leadership: Rationality Questions Insanity

"Logic means truth - the principles and strategy of correct thinkin. If the contemporary Arab leaders had the faculties of mind and vision and leadership intellect, they would have established people’s-based system of governance, public institutions to deal with issues of peace and conflict management, be open to listening and learning for effective characteristics and adaptability to the making of a future defined as intelligent leadership. Are they leading anyone to anywhere except tragic events, bloodsheds of the innocents and destruction of the habitats?"


Qur’an Burning: What’s Next for American Soldiers in Afghanistan?

"Unless, America learns to reject the voices of the hateful provocateurs and works towards nurturing a worldview that is respectful of ‘other’ cultures and traditions, her soldiers will continue to commit despicable crimes in the occupied territories."