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Mutiny on the Titanic

"...can you really chant “the People Demand Social Justice” and ignore the daily oppression of four million Palestinians in the occupied territories? When you abandon your principles on the way to power, what are you likely to do with that power?"

Reform, loyalty and sports

"Reform in Jordan has yet to arrive full force. Tiny steps have been taken by the 42 amendments to the Jordanian Constitution. Contrary to expectation, these changes will do little to usher in a democratic phase in Jordan. While some amendments have been welcomed by human rights activists, the overall picture of the changes reflects mostly superficial amendments that are unlikely to shake up the governing process in the Kingdom."

Is Islam a Threat to the West?

"The so-called Islamic threat is merely a pretext for the far-right, the gutter tabloids and odious columnists suffering from envy, racism and xenophobia. The riots in London and Greece, coupled with the general debt crisis and the eurozone crisis, show that the West is facing a real threat from its economic model; it has created a dangerous situation by turning its banks, and industry (stocks and shares) into a casino for traders to play on. The unnatural fiat money system compounds this instability."

Jewish Opinion being alienated by Israeli Policies, Not by any "Delegitimization" Campaign

"There can be little doubt that Israel's policies and its retreat from democratic values, rather than any campaign of "delegitimization," is causing its increased isolation in the world. Changing those policies--and moving toward genuine peace--is the most effective way to end that isolation. Israel's American friends would aid Israel far more by urging such a change in policy than by assaulting those--both in Israel and elsewhere--who point to the counter-productive policies of the Netanyahu government. Friends, as we like to say, don't let friends drive drunk."


Netanyahu: Master of Deception

"Right of return? After 1850 years? Coming back 1850 years later and using force to dispossess a people? Building an enclosure filled with 1.5 million men, women and children? A letter written by a British politician named Balfour to a wealthy banker in 1917 does not make this admissible. Right-wing Israelis keep telling us they have ethical clothes on, but they stand before us naked....Netanyahu says that Israel would like to be the first to recognize Palestine. His wish will be granted very soon, as Israel weeps in grief and guilt before the world and asks for forgiveness."



My Canada

A Draft or Merely Hot Air?