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Elephant in the Holy Land

"Israeli settlements have long been recognized as a thorn in the side of Middle East peace. They’ve been referred to as war crimes by the International Committee of the Red Cross since the Geneva Convention forbids resettling individuals on occupied lands. Even then-President Ronald Reagan proposed a peace plan in 1982 that required freezing such settlements. “The immediate adoption of a settlement freeze by Israel, more than any other action, could create the confidence needed,” Reagan said."

The Republican Dilemma

"This highlights, more than anything, the GOP's dilemma: in a year they desperately want to win and feel they can win, their base has moved so far to the right, that they may end up choosing a candidate whose views do not reflect America's mainstream, and who is, therefore, unelectable."

Arab Time Capsule – Rescuing for Future-building

"The Arab world is not homogenized in geography as painted by the European colonial masters but Islam unified them as One Ummah, committed to knowledge, peace, human values and culture transcending all the tribal division and borders. The rulers neglected Islam and fell in disgrace."

Let us Honor Our Own

"...Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are a whole other ballgame. These men and women are not imprisoned for stealing cars, or for selling drugs. They are there because they are resisting a belligerent military occupation of their land, which has oppressed them and their people for decades. The PA’s allocations to prisoners and their families is in no way an endorsement of “terrorism and violence” but rather a means of helping mostly young men and women and their families to resume a life that has been interrupted by an occupying authority. Any other country would have done the same."

The blessed Night of Power

"Given the fact that the people of the Book (e.g., Children of Israel and Christians) don’t have anything remotely close to this blessing, Muslims feel highly blessed by God because of unfathomable merits of this blessed night which comes every year during the month of Ramadan – the Muslim month of fasting. It is, thus, not surprising to witness that many pious Muslims spend the entire night of the last 7 to 10 days of Ramadan awake -- praying, reciting the Qur'an and giving away charity (specially in disbursing their zakat and sadqah) hoping to earn the merit of good deeds of 1000 months."



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