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Palestinians unite and move toward Statehood

"Israel's current leaders are firmly opposed to Palestinian independence under any circumstances. The bi-monthly report of the Foundation for Middle East Peace cites a recent interview in the magazine Besheva with Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon in which Ya'alon says, "Our intention is to leave the situation as it is: autonomous management of civil affairs. If they want to call it a state let them call it that. If they want to call it an empire, by all means. We intend to keep what exists now." (Italics added.)"

Nuclear assassinations belie Zionist desperation

"...Pakistan needs to be extra careful, at home as well as in its diplomatic overtures to its neighbors. The Israelis will not countenance Washington “giving” Saudi Arabia any kind of nuclear technology, not the least after Obama’s obsequious call for a nuclear-free world. The new calculation in Washington is that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal would be far safer in Saudi hands — a lifelong friend of Tel Aviv and Washington, and a lifelong obstacle to Islamic self-determination. If Pakistan willingly or surreptitiously gives the Saudis any nuclear capability after the Saudis hang a suite of carrots in front of it to relieve it of its economic and endemic energy problems, then Pakistan will be immediately ravaged by the “international community” as the king of rogue nations."

All systems are on go for Palestine’s march to the UN

"...the Palestinians only non violent option is to go to the highest international body, the UN, and seek their help in ending the 44-year Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands."

The New Anti-Semitism

"Many of the Islamophobic parties and groups remind one of the atmosphere of Germany in the early 1920s, when “völkisch” groups and militias were spreading their hateful poison, and an army spy called Adolf Hitler was earning his first laurels as an anti-Semitic orator. They looked unimportant, marginal, even crazy. Many laughed at this man Hitler, the Chaplinesque mustachioed clown....It is the beginnings which are critical, when political opportunists realize that arousing fear and hatred is the easiest way to fortune and power, when social misfits become nationalist and religious fanatics, when attacking helpless minorities becomes acceptable as legitimate politics, when funny little men turn into monsters."

Implications of AKP’s third major victory in Turkey

"Scoring a strong electoral victory, Erdogan and the AKP have been given a major opportunity in Turkey and the wider Muslim world. If this opportunity is used wisely in times of turmoil as the current crisis in the Muslim East show, Turkey might help Muslims to resolve their difficulties. It will thus be able to strengthen its position as a leading player in the Muslim world."



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