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What Justifies the Adoption of Convenient Fantasy and Denial of Inconvenient Truth?

"Leaders and followers alike in the family of humanity can do better, and I trust we will soon enough awaken to the need for behavior change rather than continue down the primrose path that Rachel Carson called a superhighway. Our adamantly advocating and relentlessly pursuing a morally disengaged and patently unsustainable way of life -- one of endless population growth and connected economic growth -- simply cannot last."

Shades of Gaza and Goldstone’s recantation

"Goldstone recanted because the cost became too high for a member of the political class to admit to clear and evident truth on the ground. This shows that Zionism has resorted to an either-or mind frame justified because Israel’s survival is falling under question. However, since the momentum for the report came from the ground and not from the gaseous sphere of political power, getting Goldstone to deny it will do nothing. It will only serve to prove that the UN is an ineffective vehicle for moral dramas that come stamped with the approval of Israel and the US. The UN is only worthwhile for tasks like mounting invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps it is no longer even good for that, as seen in the chaotic invasion of Libya conducted by France, Italy and the US like sharks jumping on a bleeding prey."

Obama goes to War to protect Libyan Civilians, but ignores Victims of U.S. Allies

"Obama's selective approach to Middle East rulers based on the size of their oil deposits and their relations with Israel was explained by a senior administration official who spoke off the record. He acknowledged that many of the Arab protesters identified their struggle with the American civil rights movement and therefore expected Obama to support them. But, the official said, "His first job is to be the American president."...Some Middle East experts believe Obama would be wise to redefine that job in terms of America's true interests, and adjust to the new reality."

Spook, Terrorist or Criminal? America’s Mysterious Files on Netanyahu

"Netanyahu--the person who in 1982 left his job as a furniture salesman to be a policy adviser at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC, and...became prime minister--is still in many ways a conundrum....Netanyahu is not only a right-wing politician in the Israeli context—opposing peace with Israel’s neighbors—he is also right-wing in an economic and neo-conservative sense. Like a small child who sneaks into his parents closet, dons a pair of daddy’s shoes and begins walking around the house, Israel’s recently elected Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is attempting to mimic his U.S. and British progenitors—Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher."

Through Lifta, we see our Palestine

"The march to the borders of pre-1948 Palestine on Nakba Day, the symbolic keys hung in the homes of so many refugees, keys to the houses they were forced to leave behind, and the tombstone over a mound of soil marking the grave of one lone Palestinian refugee overlooking the sea of Jaffa all point to a single truth: Palestinians will never forget their history, their homes or their right to return. Nor should they."



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