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One Word

"The emergence of Palestinian unity should be welcomed by Israel, as well as by the European nations and the United States. They should get ready to recognize the State of Palestine within the 1967 borders. They should encourage the holding of free and democratic Palestinian elections and accept their results, whatever they may be....The wind of the Arab Spring is blowing in Palestine too. Bravo!"

Unity at last between Hamas and Fatah!

"While the prospects for change in the matrix of Israel/Palestine politics are inevitable, it remains to be seen whether Abbas and his Fatah movement will be able to sustain this agreement in the face of pressure and a range of dirty tactics including blackmail."

Why a dog is more qualified for Congress than Robert Hurt

"...the public wants out of Iraq and has even turned against the Libya War and done so more swiftly than with any previous war. The public also overwhelmingly wants Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid left alone as the trusts we were promised they would be. Hurt, in contrast, wants the cuts made there."

It’s Time to Close California’s Nuclear Power Plants

"Our tax dollars should not be used to subsidize the nuclear power industry. Instead, we should be investing far more in solar, wind and other renewable sources, along with serious energy conservation....The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is a nuclear-friendly fox guarding the radioactive chicken coop. The federal government has no business promoting this dangerous industry while safe and sustainable energy resources are readily available."


Is Israel’s Right Wing in Eric Cantor’s District?

"The problem here is more specific than the wild-west financing of U.S. elections. The problem is that the interests of the Israeli government, far from always representing the Israeli people, in no way represent those of the American people or the people of Virginia. Our views may align or diverge. But the Israeli government's hostility toward Iraq or Iran, Lebanon or Palestine, or to independent democratic rule in Egypt and the rest of the region, need not be our own. That should be for us to decide, open to foreign input, but free of foreign financial pressure. AIPAC raises its money in the United States but advances the agenda of a foreign nation, diverging often from the majority views of both Americans at large and Jewish Americans in particular."



Oh, No! Not Joe Biden!

Believe it or not

"Left, But…"


Congo: Half a Loaf