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Middle East and the United States at Strategic Crossroads

"The U.S. posturing as neutral, “not taking sides,” could appease and mislead American public opinion, but to Arab and especially to Egyptian public opinion even neutrality is viewed as hostile and condemned in the region as a double standard when compared with the U.S. siding with similar moves for change elsewhere in the world, let alone that this neutrality contradicts the western highly valued democratic values at home."

Self-defense or Spy Mission went Awry

"If we consider what a diplomat fluent in Urdu with automatic weapons and large sum of money in a rented car was doing in the part of town that has been scene of terror bombing, Burton’s theory of “an informant meet gone bad” appears highly credible. Diplomats do not travel in a locally rented car and go cruising with large sum of money and automatic weapon in the not so desirable part of the town.  It is very plausible that Davis was on a mission and the mission went awry. Pakistanis strongly suspects U.S. hands in the terror bombings in their country."

Listen to the People

"...the winds of change are blowing across the Arab world like never before. In Tunisia and in Egypt, the people have proven that their will and their word can make changes they only dreamed of before. If the Palestinian leadership wants to maintain that fine line between acting as a government (and the interests that entails) while still receptive to the needs and wants of its people, it will have to respect their right to expression."

Can the Palestinian Authority survive? :: ‘Our leaders are negotiating the terms of our...

"Since the Camp David negotiations ended in deadlock in 2000, the PA has clung to power, with limited control over less than 40 per cent of the West Bank as Israel has continued to build settlements in the area under its rule."

A Palestinian state within the 1967 borders: Settlements vs. sovereignty

"Just as leadership by the US and the international community was necessary to create and sustain the new state of Israel in 1948, similar intervention and a US-led peace plan will be necessary to create a viable Palestinian state and rescue Israel from its self-destructive policies."