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America’s self-serving politicized double standard of ‘Justice’

"How on earth can anyone treat the US Secretary of State seriously when she comes out with this sort of pot, kettle, black rhetoric? This from a nation which is morally and financially bankrupt, a country which introduced words like rendition and water-boarding into common day usage...My advice to Clinton is do not lecture anyone about human rights and legal issues until you clean up your own backyard."


Rise of Hindu fascism in India threatens Muslims

"Muslims in India continue to live in fear and anxiety unsure as to when their Hindu neighbour will replace the sweets he brings with a sword. Hindutva is alive and raging and with Western nations tripping over themselves to cement links with a potential future superpower, do not be surprised if many more countries turn a blind eye to the ongoing genocide of India’s Muslims. After all, Muslims are dispensable when there are rich pickings to be made. Money talks and Muslims in India will be the sacrificial lambs for the rupee bonanza."

Will Muslim victims of the Gujarat massacre ever see justice?

"At present there is fragile peace in Gujarat and the atmosphere of fear and religious hatred is palpable. Violent extremist Hindu groups supported by nationalist political parties have a strong following in the region. Having succeeded in evading justice for the brutal Gujarat murders, there is ample opportunity for nationalist groups to plan and execute similar atrocities against Muslims elsewhere. This places the Indian judicial system at a crucial juncture where it will have to decide whether to bring justice and reinstate peace in the region or pave the way for more horrors by breeding hatred and violence."


American Nightmare for American Indians

"If the Puritans, Freemasons, and their ancestors really believed in their value systems, they wouldn’t have committed such horrendous crimes of genocide and blatant theft of millions of hectares of American Indian lands.  While Americans still benefit from these vast resource rich lands, Indians are placed on segregated lands.  As such it is beyond doubt that America’s foreign policy is not guided by the Puritans, Freemasons or Liberal ideas of liberty, democracy and freedom.  To be sure “the West won the world,” according to Samuel P. Huttington, “not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”   

Afghan impostor fools US generals

"If the US wants Pakistan’s help, then it has to help solve the long-festering problem of Kashmir. It cannot demand Pakistan’s help against the Taliban while backing Indian militarism. The road out of America’s Afghan dilemma may well have to wind its way through the curfewed streets of Srinagar in Kashmir."