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US President Barack Hussein Obama’s Mumbai visit ignores 4 million city Muslims

"It is evident that as local issues started taking back seat, when the international scenarios seem to dominate the danger of inflammations. Death of Karkare, the Anti Terrorist Squad Chief that exposed Saffron Terror and instantly became target of death threats from the Hindutva extremists, seems to be uncannily inserted in the 26/11 terror scenario; giving strong doubts of common authorship of the two distinct and disparate streams of terror, intermingling to achieve some common agenda."

Jewish or Israeli?

"Right-wing Israeli leaders led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman might think that they have found a winning strategy to obstruct Palestinian demands for an end to their military occupation. Palestinians and most level-headed persons around the world will accept the Palestinian position that Israel can call itself whatever it wants. But by ramming the Jewishness of Israel down the throat of Palestinians, the Israeli leadership is harming the attempts by Jews around the world to distance themselves from the political state of Israel even if they support it ethnically, culturally and emotionally."

U.S. and NATO drag Asia into Afghan Quagmire

"With partners on every populated continent - Colombia has been tapped for troops to be deployed to Afghanistan and Egypt, a NATO Mediterranean Dialogue partner, has security personnel there - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has proven an effective vehicle for the U.S. to establish, train, deploy and integrate a global expeditionary military force which has been used in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with increasing emphasis on the last."

Bread and the Circus

"The struggle against the occupation and the fight against corruption do not contradict each other. On the contrary, they complement one another....The occupation destroys our ethical standards. A society that loses its repugnance of the daily cruelty in the occupied territories loses also its resistance to corruption....The occupation is a life-threatening disease, corruption is “simply” nausea. But if the patient is nauseous, no medicine will stay down."

Hopeful changes on the Turkish political landscape

"Aside from its implications for internal politics, the consequences of the referendum victory have far-reaching implications in the international arena. Erdogan’s staunch support of the Palestinian cause has already made him a formidable adversary for the Zionists. The fact that Erdogan has eliminated the influence of the Turkish army and judiciary over the parliament has been an extremely worrying development for the Zionists. Traditionally, some influential sections of the army and judiciary have had close ties to the Zionists."



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