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Doubts growing about whether Israel can simultaneously be Jewish and Democratic

"There can be little doubt that Arabs are second-class citizens in Israel's "Jewish" and "democratic" society. The average wage of Arabs in Israel is about one-third that of their Jewish counterparts. Arabs constitute 20 percent of the population, but only 8 percent of the labor force. The Education Ministry allocates 40 percent less to Arab pupils than to Jewish students."


Turkey and Russia: Cleaning up the mess in the Middle East

"There has been no magic hand guiding Turkey and Russia as they form the axis of a new political formation. Rather it is the resilience of Islam in the face of Western onslaught, plus -- surprisingly -- a page from the history of Soviet secular national self-determination. Turkey, once the “sick man of Europe”, is now "the only healthy man of Europe", Turkish President Abdullah Gul was told at the UN Millennium Goals Summit last week, positioning it along with the Russian, and friends Iranian and Syrian to clean up the mess created by the British empire and its “democratic” offspring, the US and Israel."

America’s Undeclared War: Deadly Drone Attacks in Pakistan reach record High

"Several milestones have been marked in South Asia this year. There are now more foreign troops in Afghanistan than in any other period in the nation's history: 150,000 under U.S. and NATO command, currently 80 percent of them under NATO's. On September 25 the 535th Western soldier was killed, surpassing last year's previous high of 521....And U.S. drones attacks in Pakistan have claimed more victims than in any previous year amid indications that their number and lethal effect will continue to escalate."

NATO expands Afghan War into Pakistan

"Washington indeed expanded the Vietnam War into Cambodia, with what disastrous effects the world is fully aware, and soon thereafter departed Southeast Asia in defeat, leaving vast stretches of Vietnam and Cambodia in ruins....Afghanistan and Pakistan will not fare any better."

The Real ClimateGate, Part 1 :: Getting over the non-existent ’email’ scandal ::

"...UCS rightly concluded that whoever stole the emails “could only produce a handful of messages that, when taken out of context, might seem suspicious to people who are not familiar with the intimate details of climate science.”...The idea that these emails constitute evidence of a ‘scientific conspiracy’ to engineer evidence to support a fraudulent theory of man-made global warming is, in this context, preposterous."



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