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Kashmiris be heard as Kosovo

"The people of Kashmir equally do not believe in changing the nature of the Kashmir dispute from a tripartite question to a bilateral position. Therefore, the world body should take note of the current developments in Kashmir and initiate measures as they did in Kosovo to resolve the issue with the help of all the three stakeholders—the Kashmiris, Pakistan and India. The United Nations, having upheld the unilateral declaration of Independence by Kosovo, should also take up the forgotten Kashmir problem and accordingly endorse the peaceful demand of the Kashmiris for freedom to ensure a durable peace in the region."

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

"The Israeli government is giving notice to the Palestinians that it will not give up the Jordan Valley...In order to emphasize the point, Netanyahu has started to remove the remaining Palestinian population in the valley, a few thousand. Villages are being eradicated, starting this week with Farasiya, where all the dwellings and the water installations were destroyed. This is ethnic cleansing pure and simple, much like the similar operation now going on against the Bedouins in the Negev."

Uganda: NATO Allies prepare New Invasion of Somalia

"One of the main missions of AFRICOM is create, train and deploy regional military forces to further U.S. and general Western objectives in Africa, the world's second most populous continent. Somalia is the first test case."

The New Knowledge-based Age needs new Thinkers and Visionary Leaders, not the Occupants of...

"The legacy of the European imperialism continues by the Arab League to play that role to protect the foreign interests and priorities and regularly pronounces paper resolution to show its presence on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Arab oil producing nations buy the largest chunk of the US and British weapons in the Middle East not knowing how and where to use them except killing their own agitating and informed masses. The 21st century enlightened Arab masses know it well that dead bodies have dead entities without life and movement."

"Delegitimization" of Israel: The New Buzzword of Pro-Israel Activism

"The charge of "delegitimization," it is clear, is simply a well-coordinated campaign to avoid a real discussion of the Israeli policies which have led to a rift with the U.S. and are contrary to any movement toward real place. Just as the repeated charge of "anti-Semitism" has failed to silence critics, so will the robotic use of the term "delegitimization." The stakes are too high--for the U.S., for the Palestinians, for the real best interests of Israel--to permit any such effort to stifle free and open discussion to succeed."



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