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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Israel’s premeditated murder of activists was no mistake

"Israel’s has a well established record of planning and executing premeditated atrocities. They’ve shot Libyan passenger planes out of the sky and carpet bombed Gaza, South Lebanon and Beirut. One can go down the list of infamous massacres from Sabra and Shatilla to Jenin to Deir El Yassin, Qibya and a hundred other places where they’ve slaughtered innocents. Aside from the attack on the Liberty, the only thing that distinguishes this latest war crime is that the victims were not Palestinians or Arabs. With the assistance of the Jewish Lobby and their well-placed partisans at FOX noise and CNnothing, Israel always manages to wipe the incriminatory blood stains off its garments and make a miraculous recovery as the perpetual victim."


M. Shahid Alam, "Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism" :: Book Review ::

"...Alam expertly demonstrates that Israel was not a strategic asset to the U.S. or earlier to the U.K. However, by its well-known tactic of instigating Arab hostility to the U.S. for its support of Israel against Arab interests, Israel increasingly developed the image of a strategic asset by offering to check its created Arab hostility to American interests. It is Israel’s need to create situations to keep the U.S. on the hook that makes it a destabilizing factor in the area."

Poland: U.S. moves first missiles, troops near Russian border

"Poland's air bases, particularly that at Powidz where the U.S. has conducted special forces training, and training sites like that at Wedrzyn where American troops have provided combat instruction, regularly host U.S. and NATO military personnel in support of operations that have nothing at all to do with the defense of the host nation."

The Unnatural Disasters in the Energy Sector

"These disasters have shown that most powerful energy companies do not have the best interests of the people in mind when they are closing in on the kinds of profits that ancient kingdoms could only dream about. Even if the Deepwater leak is stopped in a week or so, America will need a long-term recovery and restoration effort costing billions of dollars."

The Confused Face of Fascism: Israel’s Frankenstein

"Do American officials realize that when they give money and justification to Netanyahu's extremist government, they are actually working against the interests of the Jews, Christians and Muslims of the Middle East? By giving Israel an additional $205 millions for new armaments in Israel, the US Congress is undermining the stability of the region, stepping up the arms race and encouraging extremists in Israel to launch more wars against their neighbors."