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US-Russian START treaty: A comprehensive flicker

"In response to current US military aggression, Russia recently altered its military doctrine to lower the threshold for use of nuclear weapons. Experts say this growing reliance on nuclear forces suggests that the Russian military might resist further cuts, even though Medvedev has publically signed on with Obama’s campaign to abolish nuclear weapons entirely."

Money and Support, The Trademark of Arab Summits

"Abbas and the Palestinian people at large understand all too well that a few million dollars and some loyal lip service to Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause is all they're going to get from their "brothers" the Arabs. Of course, this does not mean Arab leaders oppose the realization of national Palestinian rights or the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state. On the contrary, such a state would serve their interests almost as much as the Palestinians. The point is, the Arabs are either too weak or too complying to outside pressures to put their own safeguarded interests on the line for the Palestinians."

New Poll on American Attitudes Toward the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

"...the Israeli narrative about settlements still dominates and defines the discussion was in evidence this past week as Members of Congress defended Israel’s “right to build homes for its people”, or its right to “rebuild their capital”, or expressed outrage at the though that Jews should be excluded from “any part of Jerusalem”—false arguments that ignore the fact that the settlements in question were being built on Arab land and were not in Jerusalem (but an area that Israel illegally and unilaterally declared to be Jerusalem). What these arguments also ignore is the cost in rights, livelihood and freedom of movement that this settlement enterprise imposes on Palestinians. None of this, however, is considered in part because none of it is known....The bottom line is that this poll presents a challenge to engage and inform a public that is deeply concerned but not yet certain how to respond to the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a challenge that must be met."


Zionists Against Zion?

"...the US military has now spoken. It has warned that Israeli policy raises tensions in the Middle East and endangers US troops on the ground. It will not be easy for Israel and its backers to shout down US generals with charges of anti-Semitism. That is why so many Zionist commentators look alarmed. One Israeli commentator warns that “Obama and Netanyahu are at point of no return.” Others are saying worse."

Russian rail bombs a reminder of tragic Chechen plight

"The Russians, very cleverly, played the Islamic bogeyman card by branding the Caucasian “rebels” as dangerous Islamic terrorists. As Obama “Americanises” Iraq and Afghanistan; Netanyahu “judaises” Jerusalem, Medvedev can “Russify” the Caucuses without fear of recrimination or censure."



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