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The Mossad’s Pulitzer Prize Murder

"...here comes the overriding philosophy that Israel espouses and which the west in particular so surprisingly accepts time and again. Because it is a nation founded on guilt and on the belief that most of the world is "against them" Israel's so-called security considerations justify any and all abominations, first and foremost murder. This is the logic that Israel used in the killing of over 1,400 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the rationale for the assassination of Abu Jihad, Sheikh Yassin and Abdul Aziz Rantisi. This is why the Goldstone Report was trampled on by Israel and its allies and this is why Israel's occupation of Palestine has endured for over 40 years along with all the violations this entails for the occupied people."

Can the ticking Middle East Conflict be defused?

"In this online debate about the Israel/Palestine conundrum, the passions are high, but preliminary signs for a way out of the Middle East bloodbath poke through the arguments. Or maybe not. You judge."

Cinderella liberty

"What is being created from the wreckage of the American occupation is both akin to what we intended and different from what we envisioned: what is emerging is a secular, pluralist, multiparty, market-oriented democracy. But, alas, this is not the age of miracles: Damascus and Tehran are not intimidated, the region's Salafists are not defeated, the Palestinians are not humbled--and there isn't an Iraqi leader in sight who would be caught dead in Jerusalem. Or have anything to do with the Americans."

White Lie

"When Herzl originated the Zionist idea, he did not intend to found the “State of the Jews” in Palestine, but in Argentina. Even when writing his book, he devoted to the country only a few lines, under the headline “Palestine or Argentina?” However, the movement he created compelled him to divert his endeavors to the Land of Israel, and so the state came into being here."

"Smoky Ordinary," Stories by Kathy Flann (A Review)

Kathy Flann’s collection of eleven short stories in “Smoky Ordinary,” was a delight for me to read. For example, in her compelling tale, “The Dispossession of Billy Montgomery,” you will find plenty to hold your interest, while having a huge laugh at the same time. Ms. Flann’s fiction stories are centered around “Smoky Ordinary,” a community located in rural Virginia, just south of Washington, D.C. I highly recommend her book.



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