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Israeli doctors colluding in torture :: …while world’s medical ethics chief turns blind eye...

"According to the report, the doctors violated the Tokyo Declaration, the key code of medical ethics adopted by the WMA in 1975 that bans the use of cruel, humiliating or inhuman treatment by physicians."

Obama gets an F on handling Ahmadinejad’s re-election

"Why the fuss, given that the U.S. did not comment on the results of the recent Lebanese parliamentary elections, in which over a billion dollars was spent to pay for charter flights and free trips for Lebanese in Canada and other countries to go home and vote? Besides, irregularities and election security in every election are common."

Obama and Iran, Considered

"The political leaders and commentators speaking the loudest and urging the most reckless behavior have absolutely no clue what is actually happening in Iran. As was the case in Afghanistan and Iraq, everyone with a microphone and TV camera in front of them has now become an Iran expert. But, their badgering of the President is based more on an ideologically based fantasy of “spontaneous revolution,” than on reality."

"Canada Day" or "Dominion Day"?

Calling July 1, 1867, "Canada Day" celebrates nothing since one could argue every day in Canada is "Canada Day."

Child rights and Islam

A greater engagement with Islamic thinkers is overdue in order to facilitate debate about child rights in Muslim societies and beyond.



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