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Netanyahu: Then and Now

"It is also important to recall that, while the ink was still drying on the Wye Agreement, Ariel Sharon (then Infrastructure Minister in Netanyahu's government), called on his followers to go into the West Bank and seize as much land as possible. They did so, and established, with Netanyahu's acquiescence, dozens of "illegal" outposts. Despite repeated Israeli pledges to remove these outposts, they have grown in number (now almost 100) and size."

Remembering Land Day :: Palestinians honour dead from 1976 clashes with Israeli army ::

"During military rule, historians have noted, vast swathes of land were taken from Palestinians, both from refugees in exile and from Israel’s own citizens. Jews had bought only six per cent of Palestine by the time of the 1948 war, but today the state has nationalised 93 per cent of Israel’s territory."

Bluemen and Yellowcake: The struggle of the Tuareg in West Africa

"...the militaries of Mali and Niger have been receiving US aid and training to combat terrorism in spite of the fact that up until the recent kidnaps, there was little evidence of Islamic extremism in either country. Indeed, critics have suggested that the strategy has been counter-productive, and that heightened militarization of desert areas has led to resentment and encouraged the very extremism it was intended to prevent."

Philippine Extra-Judicial Killings Continue, Obama’s Response in Question

"Amongst the targets for the slaughter, journalists and media people have been a constant target, along with clergy people, labor leaders, advocates for the poor, those challenging foreign ownership and control of Philippine mines, farmers and fishermen. Under the Arroyo administration (since 2001), a number of children have also been killed, as well as 64 journalists or media people, both men and women."

Biberman & Co.

"People with good ears are already hearing Netanyahu, Liberman and Barak starting to play around with the “Arab Peace Initiative”. They will talk about it, interpret it, accept it ostensibly while attaching conditions that empty it of all content."