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On the Menace of the Vanishing Somali Youth

"There is a glaring deficiency in this…everything is overblown out of proportion without having credible evidence to substantiate a transnational threat that. Many wonder if this is the hysteria of global war on terror- still kicking. Whatever the case may be, the last thing that all concerned parties want is, as one Somali community member put it, “to create another one of those all too familiar scenarios where the devil is repeatedly painted on the wall, until he shows up in person.”

Baltic Sea: Flash Point For NATO-Russia Conflict

"NATO has been pounding a steady, relentless drumbeat for the activation of its collective military plans in the Baltic Sea region and all it will take to bring that about is something as otherwise insignificant as the crash of an Estonian government website or Western proxies in Ukraine refusing to pay standard market prices for Russian natural gas. Nothing more."

American-Israeli War Crimes in Gaza need to be known

"In the UN Security Council, only the United States opposed calls for an immediate ceasefire. Without America’s unconditional military and political support, Israel could never carry out the destruction of Gaza or its humiliation of Palestinians in the West Bank. America’s indifference to the plight of Gazans makes me wonder if our citizens have lost all capacity for moral outrage."

A message for Washington, Brussels and Cairo as well as Jerusalem

"...there is one aspect of the conflict with Hamas where not only Israel but virtually the entire relevant international community, including the Quartet (US, UN, EU and Russia), Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, share blame for an apparent gross violation of international law: the economic blockade of the Gaza Strip since the Hamas takeover of June 2007. This appears to be a clear case of collective punishment of 1.5 million Gazans for the undoubted sins of Hamas."

Unity is the only choice for Palestinians

"Failure to achieve genuine unity that can be translated on the ground will undoubtedly lead to even further interference in Palestinian affairs. Unity, therefore, is the only choice for Palestinians."