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The Hanukkah Massacre in Gaza :: The Sacrificial Lamb to the Israeli-American-Arab Interests ::

"Israel’s brilliant media strategy is to prevent Western journalists from entering Gaza to document the dead and charred bodies lining the streets while allowing free access to the Arab media to further inflame the Arab Muslim world against American policies and interests, perhaps leading to terrorism against Americans and their institution, thereby justifying Israel’s “war of terror upon the innocent”. You see America, these Arabs and Muslims are hate filled terrorists indoctrinated by Islam’s teaching of killing Jews and Christians."

Gaza: Israel’s Butchering Block

"Some Arab leaders are willing to offer Palestine and its residents as a sacrifice in the hope that Israeli expansion might be contained within the Palestinian borders and would not spill into their states. They fail to understand that Israeli terror had already reached many Arab countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, and the Israeli corruption had spread into Jordan, Egypt and some Gulf States. The Israeli colonial expansion is targeting every Arab state in the Middle Eastern region without any exception."

The False Allure of "Hope and Change"

"...US voters, who now are likely to grow even more cynical of politics, are the real losers. Many Americans have expressed frustration at the actions of a president with whom they openly disagree. However, the dismay is likely to be much deeper as a result of being misled by a candidate that 52% of Americans-many of them young people and minorities-were falsely led to believe was the harbinger of change."

Israel’s Subjugation of the Palestinians Must End Now

"It is about time that all people of decency and foresight in Western society in general, and Western Jewry in particular, to pressure Israel to free the Palestinians of the harsh conditions of occupation, and to embark on a process of genuine peace with its neighbors."

Gaza: Warsaw Revisited

"Israel’s siege of and attacks on Gaza are not without precedent. The U.S.-initiated U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iraq (1990-2003), a well-nigh comprehensive trade and financial embargo against the government of Saddam Hussein, is widely reported to have caused the deaths of some 500,000 Iraqi children under 5 years of age by 1996. But not since Adolph Hitler’s Nazi war machine laid siege to the Warsaw ghetto has the world witnessed such a persistent and systematic attempt by a military force to starve and punish a captive urban civilian population as in Gaza."



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